Caoimhe, Lil Cao, Keevah

Photo By Magissa Denver

My name is Caoimhe Lionheart. I am an on occasion fashion model, in other words, when I have to, I’m an avid blogger, a solitary wanderer, a friend, a wordsmith and a human who is constantly enthralled with all I have seen. As a person passionate for the magically creative fashions of Second Life teamed with my love of words and photography, this virtual world is uniquely wonderful and special to me. I am a prankster and a gad about. I love to laugh and create fun, to photograph and share the things I notice along my journey. So thanks for the read, perhaps one day you too will be a friend. =)

*SoliDea FoliEs* Manager
*LpD* Blogger Manager
BOSL Fashion Feed Blogger
BLOGGINGSL Syndicate Blogger
Virtual Fashion Feed Syndicate Blogger


** Blvd Model Management

** Solo Evane

** Penumbra

** Opium

** Maneira SL

** 5th Avenue


** Mimmi Boa Model Academy Graduate

** Ms Virtual World Academy Graduate

** Passion the Fashion Graduate

** OGlam Advanced Modeling Graduate

**Model Contest **

** Maneira magazine “2012 One’s to Watch” list

** MISS V♛, Miss South Korea, Top 12 Finalist

** Essence of Purple Moon 2012 Winner

** Angel Dessous June Angel Finalist

** Agnes Finney My Precious Princess Summer 2011

** Finesmith Muse Model February 2011

** Angel Dessous February Angel Finalist

** Diram 2011 Finalist

** Azoury 2011 Finalist

**’s Model of the Week

** Angel Dessous June 2010 Angel of the month Formal

** Champagne Sparkling Face October 3rd place, November 2nd place

** Agnes Finney November 2010 My Precious Princess

** Aleida Fashion 2010 Fresh Face of Aleida Finalist

** Morea Style 2010 Ms. Morea Style Finalist

** Angel Dessous 2010 Angel Dessous 2010 Finalist

**Runway Show**
Elegancia and Passion Agency Winter Fashion Week
BOSL Fashion Week, Blvd Model Management, MVW Domino Effect Show
Passion Agency Angel Dessous & Tukinowaguma ~ Beneath the Eiffel Tower Show
Gizza Grand Opening Runway show model
Virtual London Fashion Week
Solo Due, Gizza Summer Show
5th Avenue Models Bridal Show, SF Design, Angel Dessous, Gabriel
Help Japan 2011 Runway Show
Evane March 2011 Designer Finesmith Jewelry
Finesmith Inspiration Innerself show
Evane January 2011 Designer Shym Mosely Facelicious

** Professional Model Print Work**

** Trend Magazine Columnist, model

** Blogger

** Champagne Sparkling Fashion December, various magazines

** Moolto 2011 Calendar model Ms. September

** Moolto Magazine Model of the month January 2011

** Asymetrique Modeling Ad Work ongoing

** More Magazine ongoing

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