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inworld: Caoimhe Lionheart

Before contact, please read:

To all designers interested in adding me as a blogger to your brand, first of all thank you so much for even considering me! I wish to say though, I am semi-retired from modeling and blog more for enjoyment than to promote a designers brand. That said, in a way, I do promote brands when I choose to wear a designers items in either a mix or match or as a whole, so if you have something you wish for me to consider including I will do my best to work it into the blog, magazine shoot, flickr or facebook. If you have one or two favored items, please let me know and I would be honored to look at them and try them out. So if you need your collections shown and sold in full, I may not be a good match for you, since right now my time is limited.

I prefer not to blog skins, I seldom change my skin except for a change in tone because I have always modeled myself with the same limitations a real life model would have, i.e. I change my look by the use of makeups. I do this to promote my own brand which is a recognizable face and though I know you make beautiful skins this is something I feel strongly about.

If you wish for me to consider blogging your brand, please send me a Notecard inworld with a texture with the name of the items you wish for me to consider. I reserve the right to choose not to blog something I feel will not fit well into the persona of my avatar because I feel above all Caoimhe, like me, wishes to treat all people with integrity, both the designers and my readers.

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