Last Known SLURL’s

I am including here the last known (to me) SLURL’s for many of the stores I frequent. I couldn’t possibly constantly check their validity all the time. So in advance, because I don’t constantly check my SLURL’s this is here because I hope it is useful to you. If you, as a designer, change your SLURL and want it changed here, drop me an IM, I’d be glad to update. Or if you as a designer OR reader wish me to include a SLURL on the list, please just drop me a NC, email or IM of the SLURL. Thank you!

The Couturier’s Dock: Taxi:
SoliDea Folies: Taxi:
Kunglers: Taxi:
Purple Moon: Taxi:
*LpD*: Taxi:
AD Creations Dollhouse: Taxi:
Hate Me and Eat Me: Taxi:
Drift: Taxi:
Gizza: Taxi:

Lyrical Bizarre:  Taxi:
Miamai: Taxi:
Tokyo.Girl: Taxi:
Zibska: Taxi:</a
Pics N Poses:
Pure Poison:
Sacha’s Designs:

7Deadly s{K}ins: Taxi:
Amorous: Taxi:
Angel Dessous: Taxi:
Art dummy: Taxi:
Azoury: Taxi:
Azul: Taxi:
B and W Ayrton Studio Designs: Taxi:
Baboom: Taxi:
Baiastice: Taxi:
Baoba: Taxi:
Behavior Body: Taxi:
Bliss Couture: Taxi:
Boon: Taxi:
Bugaro- Maison De Couture: Taxi:
Champagne Sparkling Fashion: Taxi:
Chantkare: Taxi:
Chop Zuey: Taxi:
C’Est la vie!: Taxi:
Celoe: Taxi:
Del May: Taxi:
Desir: Taxi:
Diram: Taxi:
Dumani: Taxi:
Dura: Taxi:
Elysium: Taxi:
Emery: Taxi:
Emo.tions: Taxi:
Gacha: Taxi:
Glam Dammit: Taxi:
Glow Studio: Taxi:
GOS: Taxi:
House of {TORN}: Taxi:
Image Factory: Taxi
InMonster: Taxi:
Ison: Taxi:
Ispachi: Taxi:
Katink Poses: Taxi:
Kawaii Dolls: Taxi:
L’Accessoire’s: Taxi:
LaGyo: Taxi:
La Penderie de Nicole: Taxi:
LaViere and Tee*fy: Taxi:
Living Imagination: Taxi:
[[LD]]: Taxi:
LostAngel Industries: Taxi:
Leezu!: Taxi:
Lelutka: Taxi:
Liv-Glam: Taxi:
[LWL]: Taxi:
Maitreya: Taxi:
Mandala: Taxi:
[[Masoom]]: Taxi:
Miamai: Taxi:
Michami: Taxi:
Mons: Taxi:
Mon Tissu: Taxi:
MumuHime Photography Outfit Store: Taxi:
Nardcotix: Taxi:
[neurolab inc]: Taxi:
Oh Mai: Taxi:
Orage Creations: Taxi:
Pididdle: Taxi:
Revenge Fashion: Taxi:
Ricielli: Taxi:
Schadenfreude: Taxi:
SnowPaw: Taxi:
Sonatta Morales: Taxi:
strip’d: Taxi:
[Sys]: Taxi:
The Sea Hole: Taxi:
Tiki Tattoo: Taxi:
Tolerance is the Only Way: Taxi:
[][]Trap[][]: Taxi:
Tuty’s: Taxi:
Vanity Hair: Taxi:
Wasabi pills: Taxi:
[Whatever]: Taxi:
{what next}: Taxi:
White Widow: Taxi:
Zanze: Taxi:
ZE House of Couture: Taxi:

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