Runway- Ana Lutetia’s Arc and Lag Myth

Not overly sure of the relevance of this info to today’s SL, but throwing it in as a historic perspective.

Keep having to go through this over and over. ARC is not lagging the sim. If you want to know the secrets of Second Life lag then read on.

If you take 20 avatars and put them in a region with no attachments but they have their million tools they will never use huds, radars, little games, and other sundry huds on sporting a gob of scripts then the region dies. That is what causes sim lag. Avatars and scripts. But help is on the way. Linden Lab is going to establish script limits by parcel and by avatar. Then everyone’s second life will be equally less enjoyable.

And ARC will still be client side and only impact people with older or not adequate for 3D immersion in Second Life computers.

Instead of ARC you need to be looking at ktris/fr in show statistics. That is thousands of triangles per frame. If you are on high and lagging then first disable atmospheric shaders because windlight adds 130,000 triangles on high whether or not you can see the sky or water. Right there you should stop lagging. If to have a lag free experience you have to set on low then you seriously need a new computer.

See fact of the matter is those of us with modern day computers simply do not lag much from ARC. There can be lots of people around with 1000, 2000, 3,000, even 4000 ARC and we just don’t lag. Right up until the number of avatars and scripts runs the sim out of frame time and there is no more spare time in the sim. At that point everyone is lagging and rubber banding. The sim does not have enough time to process all script eps and avatar updates. There is nothing you can do. Everyone can remove all scripts and you can get twice as many avatars in the region but get over 40 in the sim and it is still dead. That’s right. A pancake empty sim with more than 40 avatars with no attachments and no scripts and it still lags. Burning life was a case study in lower prim high avatar count lag. The sim is lagging just keeping track of the avatars. No amount of complaining about ARC is going to change that.

Another example was the metanomics sim the day SLE was announced. When there was just two of us in the region there were only 800 scripts. I generally don’t carry much since I discovered the radar I like uses over 0.5 milliseconds. I don’t use resizers, everything under the sun utilities nobody could possibly use huds, etc. Just an AO. (Note that one third party viewer has the radar and AO built in so using that viewer also reduces scripts so using that viewer can greatly reduce sim lag across SL. LL would do well to bring that functionality into Snowglobe.)

With 2 in the sim 800 scripts were running. 16 milliseconds spare time. Sim was running great. I had my hair I made on with some interesting flexi prims that curve in 2 directions at the same time. And some other stuff. My arc had no effect on anything.

When the sim filled up a little while later there were 4000+ scripts running and the sim was wheezing with no spare time and the frame time split evenly between avatar updates and script cycles. The sim was in that nobody can move mode. so that’s 3200+ scripts across 50 avatars. That is over 60 scripts per avatar average and some of us had nowhere near that many scripts attached so some people must have been running 100+ scripts in attachments. It isn’t like 50 people in chairs need AO, radar, dance chim, million utility hud, little lords of the realm game hud, vampire hud, and who knows what all hud to watch a video.

ARC has diddly to do with lag unless the attachments are loaded with scripts. And most are loaded with resizers because designers mistakenly think no mod will stop that copybot user from right clicking and exporting. Well no mod doesn’t stop a thing. People need to learn how to size attachments and designers need to cut back on scripts. In addition we need better tools for estates that show us what scripts people are running so we can disable their huds and other utilities that they have no need of. Oh yes LL is going to do that for us. When people load up stuff will simply not run. sorted. That 256 sq m parcel with the gobs of scripted vendors will not be lagging the sim because most of the stuff on the parcel simply will not run. Those sat upon aircraft and vehicles will simply stop working when they encounter a maxed script parcel. SL will have become useless for vehicles at that point. Good job script overloaders.

Oh and to throw gasoline on the sim pyre every time someone teleports in carrying that czar bomba thermonuclear payload of a zillion mono scripts all processing in the sim freezes for as long as 30 seconds. No hope of a fix for a year or more from what I have read. And after the last rolling restart there have been some issues with the asset queue. If you are watching the statistics bar then look at pending downloads. If you see that number rising and never dropping then stuff is not attaching and textures are not rezzing. Sim restart will clear the queue but the problem may return. Hopefully LL fixed it. It is something they can do on their end without restarts judging from the results of a live chat session I had during which my sim had 83 and rising pending downloads.

It simply is not ARC that is causing any problems to anyone except people that don’t have a gaming quality computer. The scripts in those attachments could be causing sim lag yes. But the geometry of those attachments is rendered on your computer not in the sim.

Here is some educational material on the subject. Be sure to read all the comments.

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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