Runway- Reducing Lag for a Show Draakje Dailey and a Lil Cao

How to reduce lag when modeling in Second Life.Most of this information was put together by my besty Draakje Dailey.

1) Delete any files and programs you do not use on your PC. Once complete, remember to empty the recycle bin before going to the next stage.

2) Defragment your hard disc drive.
(Windows – Open My Computer and right hand click on your hard disc, choose Properties. From the window that opens, click the Tools tab at the top, then click the Defragment button, in that window. If you have more than one hard disc in your system, you can click each one in the window that opens and click the Defragment button, one after the other. Depending on how badly your Discs are fragmented, this may take some time to complete)

3) Check to ensure you have the latest drivers for your Graphics Card.

Once completed, restart your computer. Log in to Second Life.

1) Go to preferences, in the window that opens, make the following adjustments.
2) Network Tab: – Maximum Bandwidth, move the slider to read 500.
Disk Cache Size, set this to the largest size you can. Remember not to set it any higher than the actual free space you have on your Hard Disc, but this should be a minimum of 500mb, remember running SL uses some memory too if you choose C:.
3) Graphics Tab: check Custom

Shaders: uncheck everything besides Basic Shades
Avatar Rendering: uncheck everything besides Avatar Impostors
Draw Distance: set it to 96
Max. Particle count: 0
Mesh Details: everything to Low AFTER you have done all necessary adjustments of the clothing and accessories etc. as it will strongly effect their look.
Lighting Detail: Sun and Moon only
Terrain Detail: Low if possible.

HARDWARE OPTIONS – click to open menu
-uncheck Anisotropic Filtering
-Antialiasing choose Disable
-uncheck Enable OpenGLVertex Buffer Objects
-click OK

4) Audio & Video Tab: – Muting, Select mute audio and Mute audio when window minimized.
Streaming, Turn Off both Play Streaming Music and Play Streaming Video.
Default Upload Bitrate – select 32 kbps.

5) Voice Chat:
– uncheck Enable voice chat

6) Communication:
-Uncheck “Show Online Friend Notifications”
NOW Click ‘Apply’ button, then the ‘OK’ button.

*Control Alt-D should bring up a client menu in SL.
Go to rebake textures after each time you change (CTRL + ALT + R), pop in and out of appearance mode afterwards. Always clear your cache before the show. After teleporting backstage, wearing your first outfit, log off SL, reboot your computer, your cache will be cleared then and log back in at last location. (which should be backstage) Do not run any other software., during the show, like messengers, skype, explorer, firefox, opera or other aplications.

To load your inventory faster type in the search bar “A” then wait, the “B” then wait etc this will assure your inventory loads faster.

Also wear each of your outfits once after you relogged make sure other models see you correctly before you change to the next.

Rendering: turn off, water, trees, clouds, alpha, grass, particles.
CONTROL ALT F9 stops dresses from moving also.

Alt-CTRL-Shift-2 removes unnecessary prims (like parts of the stage) from your view.

If you crash, log in at home, don’t relog on the stage, it’s doubtful the show will wait for you to return.

2 thoughts on “Runway- Reducing Lag for a Show Draakje Dailey and a Lil Cao

  1. Very nice and very useful tips with a lot of things I have never tried. However, you should leave “OpenGLVertex Buffer Objects” enabled for the additional speed it gains you. Then the data resides in the GPU rather than the system memory and so it can be rendered directly by the video device.

    Don’t forget you have a Nvidia or an AMD control panel that can affect your FPS, too. Most GPUS do the anisotrophic filtering and Antialiasing anyway, regardless of the SL setting. In that case, leave them unchecked in SL, as the card will do it for you, then disable it on the card too for maximum speed.

    So it should be :

    HARDWARE OPTIONS – click to open menu
    – uncheck Anisotropic Filtering
    – Antialiasing choose Disable
    – Check (Enable) OpenGLVertex Buffer Objects
    -click OK

    AMD or Nvidia Control Panel – Look for this in the Task Tray at the lower right, or right click your screen and pick the Nvidia or AMD Control Panel.
    Create a new profile for Second Life or make changes to the default 3D settings:
    – Disable Anisotropic Filtering
    – Disable Antialiasing
    – Disable VSync
    – Disable Triple Buffering

    For best photography or look, you really want to enable all these in the video card.

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