Don’t Want to Be Caught Dead in that Same Old Outfit Another Day?

Don't Want to Be Caught Dead in that Same Old Outfit Another Day?

Don’t worry about it!! The next round of the Couturier’s Dock Starts August 18th at 11AM!! I know you will discover some great finds there so I even included the taxi for you! Taxi:

**A special thank you to Aliza Karu of AD Creations Dollhouse for the use of her “Miss Skeleton” dress for this advert. POSE: Lost Angel Industries, “The Dark Alley” photo box w.poses, part of 2012 Vintage Fair, Chic Management

This round will include limited quantity items from the following designers:

Aliza Karu AD Creations Dollhouse
AntoniaXp Countdown
Applonia Criss Chantkare
Aurelia Chauveau Molichino
Blackliquid Tokyoska Blackliquid
Descent Dover, LibDescent Poses
LovelyMiwako7399 Menna LovelyMi Makeups
Mila Tatham *SoliDea FoliEs*
Nevery Lorakeet *LpD*
Poulet Koenkamp PM (Purple Moon)
RiRi Bazaar, HMAEM
Vikee Xevion [[LD]] Major
Zxxrysa Magic .::PiCHi::.

Welcome to the Couturier’s Dock! We are Salimar Art SIM and we are tomorrow starting our fifth round of this fun event and the inventory will disappear quickly and once the current inventory is gone, it is gone. We do not refill stock so don’t miss out on some of the incredible finds at the Couturier’s Dock. We purposely kept our designer’s list limited to some of the designers we feel have niched their own genre of fashion so the items available to you will be unique, limited to lots of 35 units, will be affordable at a price range of 50 to 500 Lindens (50% off the main store price) and we hope what you find will be a treasured addition to your Second Life inventory.

The Couturier's Dock


Recently, with so much joy, I watched a dear friend of mine turn forty. Forty. Such a milestone! I picture forty as standing on a precipice of Mont Blanc, as you look back you see all the pages of the life you have lived, the little mistakes, the big victories, all the dalliances, pains and joys that have softened your hard edges and just somehow made you softer, wiser, and perhaps nicer than you were at twenty. Hopefully we all become a little less opinionated and a little more forgiving because all we have lived will create the enlightened us of forty. And women always seem more in tune with themselves, more loving and somehow at their most beautiful at forty. Don’t you think?


As the woman of forty turns her view opposite, forward, she will see all the blank pages of her life story yet to be lived, experienced and written. She will intertwine the lessons, the histories, of the first forty years and in the second forty weave it into a more colorful, gorgeous tapestry of a life, a tapestry befitting royalty, a life, a love of those around them, a dedication written in the hearts of all those they have touched. You have already lovingly touched a soft piece of my heart, etched your name deeply, permanently there, my dear friend Mila. I am honored to see the beautiful you of forty, and will be equally honored to travel a few more steps with you as you live your history, as you continue to write your pages, my words dispersed in small snippets through your wonderful pages, I am honored to know I have had a small place there, even if only for the brief moments of letters written on the sand to be erased by the tides of the sea. One day, I may have washed away but at some point, even if only for the waxing and waning of a moon, I am here, I am with you, and I feel joy. Happy Birthday Mila! I hope you like the picture my darling Skip Staheli has made of the *SoliDea FoliEs* “40” dress you so kindly gave to us for your birthday.


On to business. I know this is what my dragon, Draakje Dailey, calls “Cao’s version of “Word and Peace.”” The International Model Agency is having a “Sydney Fashion Week’” beginning August 17th 2012 through August 22nd, 2012. *SoliDea FoliEs* will be having a show on August 19th, 2012 at 5AM SLT. Above is the gorgeously colorful, unique offering created by Mila Tatham exclusively for this event. It has so much of the exquisite colors and feel of a native aboriginal costume, I just had to have it! Isn’t it divine?

I hope you get the chance to support these hard working models by attending the shows. I know I will pop into a few just to see the exclusive apparel these wonderful designers have made! I hope you will too! Have a wonderful weekend!

Look One:
Dress: *SoliDea FoliEs* “40”
Hairs: Tuty’s, “wet look”
Hat: Miamai, “Memento Boreal”
Makeup: LovelyMi Makeups, “Aphrodite”
Tights: Peqe, “Unicef”



Just kidding, hehehe I don’t have paparazzi. Well other than a Dragon who likes to stalk me all the time. But honestly, I’ve just wanted to wear this kick arse mask for a long time. Oh! and trying something new, throwing in a microblog every once in a while. Just trying to save you from constant Ear pollution, I’m kinda green that way! ❤

Hat: La Gyo Taxi:
Hairs: Tuty’s, Mathilda Bob Hair, Taxi:
Mask: Oh Mai Groucho Mask, –.– couldn’t find a SLURL, I think I picked this up at a previous Chic event, and I think they hit Zombie Popcorn every once in a while.
Dress: Ison, Shift Blazer, Chic Management Vintage Fair! get there before its all gone! Taxi:
Bag: *LpD*, Shopping Bag **New** and so Cool! <333 Taxi:
Boots: Maitreya, Radical Boots Taxi:
Jewelry: LaGyo, Macula bracelet, Domi Bellique Necklace Taxi:
POSE: Del May Taxi:



I don’t know what it is, but I hardly ever take a profile picture of myself. I suppose it’s because I blog. So I am always blogging clothes or items, not my face. But recently when I saw one of my fave loves, model and blogger extraordinaire, Diconay Boa, wearing the “Couture Birdie” hat from The Boudoir, a madcap trendy boutique of the simply brilliant sisters, Vitabela Dubrovna and Precious Restless, I wanted a turn! Not because I thought I could do it the justice my friend Dico does, she is an incredible artist, I simply snap pictures, but because I think this hat is truly a one of a kind statement piece.


For the overall look, I paired the stunning symphony of feathers with a “boyfriends jacket” the new Gizza, “men’s mesh tuxedo jacket.” And no, this won’t be the new trend, Cao’s in men’s clothes, I just loved the outrageous “smoking jacket” feel of this coat. It has a certain retro-posh male movie star appeal to it, don’t you think? Don’t worry, next time I promise to put some pants on.

Cao~Caoimhe's Symphony...

But the thing I love most about The Boudoir, is the versatility. Skip and I created this pic, well, I styled, he worked miracles over a year ago and created it from a real world piece of art I found. The mermaid outfit is a fave of mine from the Boudoir, I love the scales of the bodice and the multi-dimensional tail. And as so many of you know, I use Boudoir quite a bit, expecially during MVW because so many of its parts are modifiable and this is often needed for indepth styling challenges. And the best part about the Boudoir, is they have so many different genre’s of fun to choose from.

So if you get a chance, stop by The Boudoir and Gizza, let your mind create and visualize a whole new you! Here, I even paid for your taxi’s: Boudoir Taxi: and to Gizza’s: . Taxi:

Look 1:

Hat: Boudoir, “Couture Birdie Hat”
Earrings: Indy & Company, “Sylph”
Hair Base: Vaya Con Dios

Look 2:

Jacket Shirt and Tie(in hand): Gizza, “Mens Mesh Tuxedo” *New*
Garter’s and stockings: Maitreya
Hat: Boudoir, “Couture Birdie Hat”
Earrings: Indy & Company, “Sylph”
Hair Base: Vaya Con Dios

Look 3:

Mermaid: Boudoir, “Sea Dragon Mermaid”
Face Tattoo: The White Widow ❤

Bringing.The Swank.Back.

I know, I know, for a person who isn’t a Chic Management blogger for this particular event, I sure am covering it alot, but I have to say, I’ve seen so many groovy things, I can’t seem to stay away. And when I saw this incredible dress from Molichino, I just had to have it!


I originally saw the dress on someone elses blog (I’d give cred’s if I could honestly remember who it was) and just knew with its never out of style elegance it would be a welcome edition to my “must keep” wardrobe finds. I’ve been staying away from the Vintage Fair because of the lag, but by using the SLURL found on Chic Managements website, Link: I teleported to right in front of the store, didn’t even move, just cammed in, purchased the gown and headed home. The haltered gown is a gorgeous lace and satin, the color divine perfection the way it fades from a gentle pink to a stunning gold. Aurelia Chauveau of Molichino has an exquisite eye for detail and no detail was left out of this scrumptious design. Wearing it feels like being a glamorous Hollywood Starlet.

As an aside, I know I mentioned her two blogs ago, but again. I have to say, I don’t think anyway makes vintage jewelry quite as well as Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora. I know she has not been well, but I heard a little birdy say, she is back and starting to design some new pieces. I hope it is true because her pieces are simply divine, much like the baubles I would play with as a child when visiting my grandmama. Elegant, weighty and oh so glam, they are the perfect compliment to the perfect gown.

If you get a chance, stop by the Vintage Fair, there are so many eras, so many styles to choose from, I know you will find something fun to play with. But in all ways, enjoy your weekend, surround yourself with friends and good shopping and be glam. I love these designers so much, I’ve included the taxi to their stores for you! xo

Molichino: Taxi:
Donna Flora: Taxi:


We live in such a stellar time in history. Everyone is connected, knowledge is instant, and information is power. It’s so easy to stay attached to the outside world, moreso than ever before. It’s no longer surprising to see five year olds playing with cell phones. Say what? But I hope with this technology, we still take time to unplug the phones, pads, computers, and all other gadgets to take the time to just be still. Just sit a minute, close your eyes and listen to your soul, to your mind and to your heart. It’s in these still, quiet places that we create, and the ability to create is something that sets us apart from other creatures on this Earth. And this ability is hidden within each and every one of us, so find your abilities in this moment of quietness and give yourself the gift to create, to make your lifes journey more memorable. Because we each have a history, an inheritance that we will pass on to future generations, so lets not get so spent by technology we forget to create lasting memories for others. Our journey through life may not be written in the tomes of dusty history books, ferreted away in some library, but surely we will have our pages written in the hearts of those who love us. Our words bound in silk, folded gently and tucked deep inside them, just as our fingerprints are etched on their faces. So in this life, unplug and do, just, Be. Nothing wrong with a life worth living, right?


That’s why I love being a model, because in a way, I am the clay from which a designer can display their creative art on. And I am always amazed at the realistic “feel” and visual feast that is Second Life Fashion. The leathers, velvets, wickers, silks, feathers, metals, satins, laces, and even hairs, all of it amazing! And it starts with a person sitting down and creating. Thank you Second Life, thank you designer’s for giving me a hobby to play with in the moments when I am done being still for the day. I know so many of you, from so many countries, and I hope you all know how much I adore you, how much I appreciate and respect you and your visions. Especially the ones I work with all the time, the ones not necessarily in this picture, but the ones I talk to all the time, the ones who know I love them because I tell them so. 😉 I wish you all and all of my crazy fun creative readers, friends, models, associates, well just everyone in this technologically “in touch” world, a beautyful weekend!

Hair: Boon, “WMO003” Boo Nakamura
Jewelry: [Mandala], “Utamaro” “Anuttra” “Motsumame” “Hokusai” “Leather Feather” Kikunosuke Eel
Leather Vest w. belt: Drift, “Cosmo” Kallisto Destiny Enimo *New* and the anchor piece the entire outfit was created around
Skirt: Gizza, “Leather pencil Skirt” Giz Seorn
Purse: Toki-Doki, “Wicker Elephant bag” Maya Levane
Shoos: Similar Italian Footwear, “Poison” Larisa Tylman
Photography Pose Chair: Behavior Body, “Chic Sit Series Poses” Antosperandeo Allen I can’t say enough about how great the photography poses are here
Pose: Del May The most Amazing Editorial Poses! Del May


There is one area in modeling where the men are eclipsing the women, and that is in experimenting with the clothes of the opposite sex. Mostly of the haute couture variety and a little self-explanatory since there are probably 6 designers of womens clothes for every 1 designer of mens, but it is something to think about. To be honest, I actually enjoy blogging men’s wear. I’ve only done it once before, when I blogged the Sartoria design line, Link: but its still fun. So when I saw the new “Nautical Suit” by Gizza, it was on!


I think the idea is, “go with the flow” and never fear experimenting with fashion. You may fail epically, but who cares? You did something no one else has done and put yourself a little ahead of the group by making your own way. When I thought about doing this, I ordered the demo version of the shirt at the marketplace and checked the size, a little big, but thats what you’d expect when you are wearing your boyfriends shirt. Instead of the baggy men’s pants, I chose to keep it girly by wearings Gizza’s short mesh jean shorts, also new! The perfect get up for a day of sailing. Oh, yeah, hmmm, does anyone have a boat?

On the more serious side, I suppose. It’s that time of year again! It’s time for the Vintage Fair. Here is the link to the map and SLURL’s for the event: Link: Vintage is always a fun event because you can explore the fashion of so many different era’s and this year should be the best ever because I noticed there are so many designer’s involved! Vintage Fair (from 4pm, Aug 4th – Aug 29th) will showcase 250+ brands each exploring inspiration from the vintage eras of 1920 – 1980. Also this year will have ‘Antique’ fashions (pre 1920s). With new and exclusive items from every brand involved and music every day. This is a CHIC Management SL event and will be held over 3 sims. My only advise is go “low prim.” Heck, I’ve been known to take everything off, including AO and put on a complete alpha texture so I can move about with no prims and invisible. Hey, what can I say, I’m a serious shopper.


Gizza is going to have a black version of this “Elegant Steps” women’s suit at the Vintage Fair, as well as other items. This is such a classically elegant outfit with its laced bodice, knee length skirt with ruffled belt. It’s one of those outfits you can wear to so many different events because it is dressy yet not overly done. And I’ve never seen anyone who can do better vintage jewelry than Donna Flora, I think it pairs very well with the Elegant Steps suit, don’t you?

But then, that’s the point of the title of today’s blog. I can talk about the quality of Gizza and all of these designers until I am blue in the face (not a good color on a Cao, by the way) but there is no need to talk about Gizza, because Giz Seorn’s designs are always high in quality and well done. But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. I’ve even included the taxi! Taxi:

Look One:
Shirt: Gizza Nautical suit (MENS)
Shorts: Gizza short mesh
Hairs: Boon KOM372
Glasses: [Gos] Cat eyes
Earrings: [Mandala] ceekeeey
Watch: [Mandala] Hokusai
Bracelet: [Mandala] Utamaro
Nails/Rings: [Mandala] Sinra
Bag: Gizza Beach bag
socks: Maitreya
Shoos: Energie, Chucks 1L on the marketplace!

Look Two:
Dress: Gizza Elegant Steps, Available in Black at the Vintage Fair
Hairs: Boon PKJ371
Earrings: Donna Flora Pasqualina
Ring &Bracelet: Donna Flora Alma
Bag: Donna Flora Lucy


Whew! What a weekend. I did the whirlwind of visiting family. Always fun, but so exhausting! The thing that hit me, is after all the driving was done, I walked into my condo, shut the door behind me and let out a sigh of relief. Home. That place where you can go and just relax and be you. So why shouldn’t your home in Second Life be the same? Well luckily, if you hurry, it CAN be.

The Hope for Emilia event in SL is drawing to a close. I truly hope the event is a huge success. I know I have wandered in and out of the festival and picked up items here and there. I sure hope you did too. But now, all these extra items in hand, I certainly would need a place to drop all these packages and what better place than my very own Italian Villa? Karls Creations created just such a place and its only 999 Lindens! And remember, 100% of the price goes to the “Hope For Emilia” charity. So you get the house, the residents of Emilia Italy receive your donation. Easy as Sunday Morning.

As you can see, the gorgeous home is an Italian architectural marvel with its stucco, stone and wood veneer. There is plenty of outdoor living space with its terra-cotta stone terraces, swimming area and the multitude of balconies, making it easy to glance outside to see what the children are up to. The interior is spacious with a eat-in kitchen area, several fireplaces, including one in the master bedroom for those chilly evenings when romance is on the menu. There is a ton of room in the upstairs bath, perfectly set up for you to add your own personal touches. The icing on the cake? The upstairs includes a large open porched area. The builder uses the area as a ballroom, but it could easily be a dining/living or even “man cave” area. But everything about this home is pure Italian romance. And for 999L’s it can be yours!

So with this new peek of what the Emilia Event has to offer, and the knowledge that you can so simply help others while gifting yourself, I hope you wander over and pick up this item and enjoy your own luxurious lifestyle! Muwah! Have a beautiful week! I’ve had so much fun, I’ve even included the taxi for you!

Karl’s Creations at Emilia: Taxi: Italian Villa, 732 Prims

HOPE FOR EMILIA is an exciting event that will last from July 22 to August 9, 2012 and will include a Summer Fashion Fair, fashion shows, an art expo and entertainment events to fundraise for the victims of earthquakes in Emilia, Italy. Also exciting is the Art Exhibition to take place beginning on August 3rd, at which artistic creations from the grid’s most accomplished artists will be on display and available for purchase.
For more information, please visit the following sites:

Let’s Give the region of Emilia, Italy hope

Hope for Emilia

Emilia-Romagna Donation Site





•Sat. July 21st at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Bloggers and Press

• Sun. July 22nd at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Fair opens to Public – LM’s will be sent

• Sun. July 29th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show I Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Fri. August 3rd at 1.00 pm slt Art Expo Opening

• Sun. August 5th at 1.00 pm slt Fashion Show II Featuring Hope for Emilia Designers

• Thurs. August 9th at 1.00 pm slt Closing Party



Yay! It’s Friday! I love the weekend’s of summer because if I’m not poking around traveling to fun places, I’m at least hanging out down at the beach with friends and family. But always when I am away, I have these random thoughts about my Second Life friends, the funny things they say, the incredible things they create. I am so lucky, because I have all of you! The models, designers, photographers, blogger’s and most of all friends! Very recently, a very good friend of mine, known for her professional photography skills, Kallisto Destiny, Link: branched out to designing. So I couldn’t wander away to the weekend without sharing these really cool outfits!

The one above is Drift’s “Retro Poof” dress in the “Shag Me” colors. Psychedelic and groovy, man! This adorable mini-dress is enough to make the Grateful Dead dream of making a comeback! Only accessories needed on this retro-cool chic outfit is the GoGo boots from Drakke!, the right on plastic “Garbo” glasses from Lelutka and, of course, this fab hairs from .+TGCY+.. It’s a gas!


Kalli seems to have run the spectrum because there was nothing more polar opposite than the hippy’s and the military. But this outfit is Drift’s “Eclectic military Scrunch dress, Semper Fi.” What a fun and summery dress this is! Sleeveless and loosely frame fitting, it is perfect for the hottest of days, yet rugged enough to withstand whatever adventures you find yourself in. The accessories are the Mandala cuff, Lelutka’s hat, hair from W&Y, Je Suis nails and LovelyMi makeup and last but not least the military standard, [GOS] GTFO boots.

Don’t have a Cao, man. I am almost done! Semper Fidelis, Kalli. It’s been groovy to get decked out in your new designs and I looked forward to many more! I have had so much fun being all retro, I’ve even included the tank for you, so you can start your journey this weekend! , Tank: