gil LibDescent’s “Gil”

Once when I was in line at the grocer I was behind a couple who were chatting. From their desultory converse I picked up he was a hunter (as if the attire wouldn’t give it away) and one of the things I overheard made me smile inside. He mentioned to his wife that his favorite thing to hunt was in his home, a “dear face and a bare arse.” That saying has stuck with me for a bit now, honestly can’t seem to shake it. So I pull it out from time to time for a little laugh.

Lib Space Gauze faun shi glove turtle neck maitreya girdle and high waist pant ad deer head LibDescent “space” Do you think the male will be offended by my “buckskin bag?”

Today I am going to blog about pose makers again, I seem to be on a roll, this is my fourth in just a few weeks, but its been fun to blog “from the other point of view.” And the way I do it is kind of fun. I cycle through a few of the poses and try to figure out what the sequence “means” to me, then style myself. But, having seen and used Lib of LibDescents poses in the past, as well as following his blog, I knew his poses are quirky and artistically eclectic, so I wanted to create the style then add the poses. I volleyed around using the swan outfit from Ladies Who Lunch, but after the second day, the excitement left again. A little down, something made me think of my happy phrase “A dear face and a bare arse,” which of course reminded me of the incredibly cool group gift from Aliza Karu of AD Creations Dollhouse, which in turn made me wonder if a man says this statement to his human girlfriend, what does the animal buck deer say to his? I know, I think really weird like that. Bet your happy you don’t have to travel in my brain, right?

lib she LibDescent’s “She”

Well, if I was a lady deer, I’d dress like this, but more importantly when I saw a buck coming, I’d flash him a few of those poses as well. As an aside to my best dragon, see? I can even work knickers into my non-human looks. So there! I am unrepentant, yet thoughtful too, because I even included the, um, hunting buggy for you! Happy Hunting! Taxi:


Head & Scarf: AD Creations Dollhouse, Deer Head *FREE* Group Gifty
Turtle Neck w belt: .Shi
Girdle and knickers: Maitreya, Girdle and Highwaist Pant
Gloves: .Shi
Purse: *LpD*, Buckskin bag
Feet: [Gauze], Faun

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