The.Long.Goodbye. Photo by: Julie Hastings

I have been acting so spoiled. I hate it when I act this way, but I hate more to make myself play grown up and control it. I suppose it’s a major character flaw. Rather than face something I loath to face, I play ostrich and bury my head in the sand. Well, not exactly, that’s not true a’tall. Ostriches receive a bad rap on this myth; they don’t bury their heads in the sand, apparently only Cao’s do. I’ve held this picture for over a month now. Thank you Julie Hastings for creating it, I suppose I’ve let you down a little bit too by not showing it sooner, I just didn’t want to let go.

Winner- The Essence of PurpleMoon- Caoimhe LionheartPhoto by: Magissa Denver

Back in November, ugh, you see that? November, almost three months ago now. Purple Moon held their “Essence of Purple Moon” contest. It’s not like I didn’t know about it, I was a judge for the semi-finals, I went to the finals and walked. Is there an excuse for not saying thank you? I’d like to think there is, but there is not. I said a “speech” at the finals, but that was nowhere near the depth of emotion I feel. I read on a blog today that to write in a sentimental form is not authentic. This statement confounded me; perhaps it was because the writer is male? I do not know I just know it made me a little bit sad because I feel sentiment is as real and authentic as dark anger; it is just the lightness of being as opposed to another’s darkness. But, well, no harm, no foul, in the end it spurred me to write what I have put off for too long.

Cao MVW South Korea Photo by: Pam Astonia (jewelry: Chop Zuey)

I am the Essence of Purple Moon. Or more importantly, I was for 2012. I am no longer, life has moved on without me. Or has it? I was much honored to have been the “best on that day” and won the title, but honestly? The title? Well that’s just a little tag over your head. What I really won that day was something invaluable in a Second Life and a Real Life sense. I won a person I will forever call my friend. Poulet Koenkamp isn’t a designer, well I suppose technically she is, but to me, that is just something she does, a title over her head, if you will. What she actually is, is a wonderfully creative, outrageously funny, notoriously sentimental being of grand intelligence. What she is, is a patient friend.

Lean.Backward.In.Time. Photo by: Poulet Koenkamp

Thank you Poulet for letting me be the face of your brand. I realize now, this two plus months too late that I’ve not lost my face, it’s still firmly attached to my head, I have not lost a’tall. All I have done is gained. I have gained a cherished and precious friend. A friend, who when making my International costume for Miss Virtual World asked me to explain a Korean hanbok, to which I created and emailed a ten page PDF on the subject. You received it with aplomb, probably a quiet laugh and shake of the head, but you created the most gorgeous westernized Hanbok I’ve ever seen. As the year ended, I told you how sad I was and with utmost grace, you took me aside and stressed that though the crown is gone, the friendship will never be. Thank you Poulet for your faith in me as a model and a person, for being a friend, and for caring enough for me to hold my hand as I grew up some this year.

Caoimhe MVW South Korea  by Purple Moon Photo by Pam Astonia

Take from? Yep there is one. A title is a silly thing in all honesty, so don’t hate yourself if you’ve never won one. Some of the best models I know, have never won one, yet looky there, they are the best, because they work hard. (remember? Best THAT day is what wins a contest, not ability.) If you have been blessed to win, don’t take the title, the money, and walk away. Give back. It’s almost a shame you get the title before you earn it. So do the right thing and earn it after the fact. You were the best THAT day, now be the best for the entire year you wear the title. Represent with dedicated honor. You may have the title, but time will tell if it truly belongs to you. Taxi:

Miss Essence of PurpleMoon™ 2013 - Press Release Photo by: Poulet Koenkamp

9 thoughts on “The.Long.Goodbye.

      1. Spirit! I just adore you so much, you know that! =)) Perhaps tho, you should know, I aspire to be like you as well. ❤ As for the words, it's a curse and a gift, but thank you all the same for your kindness!

      2. Well caoimhe, perhaps there are attributes we could aspire to have from each other. You are my absolute favorite blogger, and you speak so very much from the heart and that is why I will always follow your blog. Maybe I can learn something lol, or at the very least pick up some writing skills. You just keep being you and I will keep being me ❤

  1. My love, I spent three days reading and re reading your post. I wish I could express myself the same way you do, but I’ll see what I can do.
    Of course, your blog made blush, cry (good cry), get all sentimental and overwhelmed by your words. I don’t think of myself half of what you say and I’ve been the whole year thinking that somehow in some ways I disappointed you. I see now that I wasn’t that bad 😉
    Despite that the year of your reign is over, I’ve always believed that whoever deserve the title of Essence of PurpleMoon, it will be forever. You will never stop seeing my baby, my brand, the way I see it. You understand what I do with your soul, it’s part of who you are and what made us chose you, not only THAT day you won, it made me keep choosing you every single day of the past year and I will keep doing it. The best thing is that nobody can replace you, we are just adding one more soul with the new chosen one. I am honored to call you friend, I loved every time I asked you something, with no further explanation, you knew exactly what I needed you to do. In SL as in RL we come across many people but only a few join paths and keep growing and supporting each other for the longest time.
    I couldn’t be more happy that I met you, that I have you as part of my both lives, I am thankful for that.
    You are a loyal woman, with a great heart and extremely marvelous sense of creativity. You are one of those few who have that glowing glare around you, I am pretty sure if someday we come across in the streets in RL I would definitely recognize you.
    Love you to bits my friend,

    1. Okay crying like a baby here. Thank you, so humbly, I thank you. (I hope you are well!)

      PS. Yes I know all about the glow. Yesterday I was yakking with Yula Finesmith in her store. When I finally left her alone I noticed I still had my photography face light on. How embarrassing. I guess I probably should have noticed the issue when she reached into her pocket and put her sunglasses on! =D

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