I used to watch so many old movies, I don’t really know why, I suppose in my simple way, I wished I could live in such a simple time.The most amazing thing to me about old movies is all of the smoking and drinking they did. I guess in my “enlightened” education, I find it a little shocking that smoking looked so glamorous in the Golden Age of Hollywood. I have never smoked, nor have I ever wanted to, but its kind of nice to think that in those days, they trusted their viewer to be able to “see” actors smoking and not run down to the nearest convenience store and buy a pack of cigarettes. What has become of our world? I read the other day that you can’t purchase a “super-sized” soda at a McDonalds in New York City. I don’t drink soda, but I’d like to think I am grown up enough to choose whether I want one or not. Have we become such an obtuse nation in the United States we have to be told what is good or bad, or what we can or can’t eat, drink, or inhale? Kind of a sad commentary of a nation, isn’t it?


I suppose it started with the lady who sued McDonalds and won a couple million dollars because she dropped her coffee in her lap and it burned her. I may not be the sharpest knife in the kitchen, but I don’t have to have it written on a coffee cup “this is hot.” And honestly, on these matters, I tend to think, I wish I had thought of that first, I’d be rich, if I wasn’t too embarrassed at my own stupidity to sue. All of this “deep thought” subsequently reminded me, did you know, the most common emotion when you dream is anxiety or negative emotion? Figures. No wonder I have a hard time sleeping at night. I suppose when you live your life with things labeled in black and white “dangerous hot,” or “health hazard” or “do not touch” or my favorite “don’t use the hair dryer while taking a bath” your bound to be a little anxious about bedtime. Right?

Take from? Yep, here it is. I’d like to say blame the attorney’s, but thats just too close to the truth and my take froms are usually a small note of what I want to take from my thoughts. So the real take from is, we are all instilled with some form of common sense, why don’t we just stop the madness and take back our adulthood? Do we really need to be told what is good or bad for us? I hope not! Slurls are on the “Last Known Page.”


Hair: Loovus Dzevavor, Dali *New*
Jewelry: Finesmith, Morning Sun, *New*
Shirt: Baiastice *New* (sorry!can’t remember and this was my base piece… Bad Cao)
Pants: Purple Moon, Tango in black
Belt: Glam Affair, part of the July pant
Shoos: [Gos] Boutique, Marilyn *new*
Handbag: BeLod, Crystal Clutch *The Couturier’s Dock*

Cigarette and Pose: Di’s Opera, Fatale Series

8 thoughts on “I.Dreamt.of.You.

  1. Stunning outfit I have a scarf that would match that to perfectly. I usually wear it with my black cashmere suit coat and matching pocket square. We’d look stunning.
    Common sense heaven forbid we grow up and put on our big boy(girl) pants and just deal the fact that the pipeing hot coffee, yes the one with all that steam coming from it is really hot. Silly people. Have a lovely day.

  2. Too right. We’ve become a culture of babies. Just a few weeks ago I saw another SL blogger present a fashion shoot, whilst smoking – and you should have seen the uproar. What will become of us all, when we see someone smoking a prim cigarette??? Clearly we’ll all have to sheepishly run off to the MP and smoke our own prim cigarettes!! Prim cancer can’t be far behind! /me sighs… give it a rest already… 🙂

    1. hehe I’d never thought of that! *cough~cough* You know, I had always said I would never do a SL pic with a cigarette bc I detest them in RL. But it really does amaze me that particular era of movies and them smoking and really smoking at that! *gasp* It’s just funny what is construed as sexy at different points in history.

      But you are so right, time to get over the “politically correct and sanctimoniously offended” mentality we have. Especially in regards to what you said about the blogger. Really? and who is the blogger going to leave a bad impression with? the 18+ year old adult who has the avatar of a child? o.O

  3. It is a curious thing, and I’ve remarked on it myself before. I don’t smoke, either; if my children took it up, I’d go wild, and so would the DH. And yet I routinely pose with a cigarette or cigarette holder, and my fiction has smoking lead characters. Is it the non-reality of Second Life that lets us have this sort of dichotomy in our heads?

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