I have a deeply hidden and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life~ Virginia Woolf, by way of my gorgeous and crazy friend Clix Renfew. I don’t know why, but at any given point of my day, this thought hits me. Is it bad to want different, more, something, anything beyond the mundane? Why do we settle in life? Or perhaps I am the only one settling, I don’t know. I certainly don’t hear other people complaining about it. For a simple life, in a simple fishing village, how come life doesn’t seem so simple most of the time? I don’t have the answers, I am hoping one of you does. I think when I grow up, I am going to work at whatever my passion is. I hear to have a fulfilling job you should never settle, you should find your passion and do it, jump in with both feet and live. Obviously I love fashion, I love marketing, and I love people, it’s one of the reasons I am so drawn to Second Life. Because I can do all three with relatively no capital outlay. But is it my passion? Probably not, my passion is to write. Yes, that’s it. When I grow up, I will write. Take from? Here you are. Live your life, love your life. Take chances, accept both failures and wins, they work together to create what is you, but don’t live a life of what ifs. Live your life passionately.


I have to tell you, Djod Karu gave me this new outfit she designed for *Diram* and you know how slow I am to blog… I took one look and couldn’t wait to blog right away! It’s Cao! It’s Cao! All the way down to the requisite knicker shorts! love love! But don’t worry it comes in several colors, so you can get your own inspiration!


But don’t limit yourself there, because Djod has a little bit of everything at *Diram* there is something perfect for every style of fashionista! I love it so much, here’s your taxi: Taxi: Always the helpful Cao, no?

Outfit One:
Jacket and Shorts: *Diram* Nathalia *new*
Jewelry: Kunglers, Mariri
Sunglasses: Swallow, Metropolis shades *New*
Purse & Hat: *Diram*, Nathalia, *New*

Outfit Two:
Horns and Mask: *Diram*, Alexandra mask cones
Catsuit: *Diram*, Gaga Alejandro
Jacket: *Diram*, Gaga Judas
Pose: Del May, lunch break

12 thoughts on “A.Life.More.Lived.In.

  1. The first image is stunning you look just like the starlet you are. The second beautiful as always. And third qualifies for a term I like to use, it is thought provacative, classy, yet sensual. It evokes both an image of wonder and intriuge as well as an elluring sensuality. Bravo

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