Quick blog today, so many things still left to do and running out of time. I rather errantly chose this week to uproot my home, while mix and matching away for the Salimar Luxury District’s grand opening party today at 12PM SLT. Oh, and writing the script and the general details of helping out where I can. You know how it is, making sure we have enough refreshments, and that there is toilet paper in the loo, waxing the runway, just stuff so easy even a Cao can do it. I do hope you will be there, remember one customer will win all the outfits the models are wearing, so it’s a huge grand prize! So don’t be late! Look! I’ma good girl, I sent the limo: Limo:


Belle Roussel, the incredible designer of Chop Zuey showed me some love a few weeks ago by dropping quite a few items on me and let me tell you, they are all incredible! I don’t want to call them jewelry, they are more art than jewelry. I am going to bring them out one or two at a time because each set it singularly blog worthy. I love Chop Zuey, the pieces there are substantial and never get lost on the runway. In Fact, I love it so much, I’ve even included the taxi.Taxi: But don’t dawdle to long there today, you have a grand opening to attend!

Take from? But of course! Sanity is highly over-rated. Every once in a while, let your hair down, push away obligations, dance barefoot in your knickers in a public fountain (well maybe not that one, I think I am the only one who can get away with that). But in all ways, enjoy your life, afterall, its the only one you have.

Jewelry Set: Chop Zuey, Too Much Sanity
Shorts and Shirt: .Shi, Circular top and Wrap shorts
Hair: Dura, girl29
Poses: Del May

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