Waiting For A Friend

Waiting for a Friend

Do you suppose there is something wrong with me that I have a very limited desire to have an “other” in Second Life? I have had one once before, and I just don’t think I will ever have the heart to try again. To me, somewhere along the line the line changes, you become more interested in what is in the machine than what is in the oxygenated world and it just becomes all consuming. It’s just my own prejudice but I kind of want my consumption in the real world. I sometimes think I am just too picky to progress much further in real or Second Life relationships. Maybe because of my shyness, maybe even a little fear of men, who knows? But probably it’s just somewhere in the pixel dust I want a guy like the guy in “Love in the Time of Cholera.”

Waiting For a Friend

Is it too romanticized to expect a man who would wait forever for me to be ready for him? I’d like to think I’d do the same for him. Isn’t that what love is, a conflagration of yours, mine and ours? I honestly don’t know. I know I want this, but yet, I somehow am unsure if it exists. I’d just like to say I am filled with joy for those friends who have found it, just please don’t forget to take some time to enjoy the single noncommital friends in your loop, we may be a little scared and whacky, but honestly, we don’t bite. As for my special guy? Find me, I’ve been waiting since the days of cholera for the love of pete. Honestly! I have! I am wearing the scrumptious new dress from Belle Roussel of Chop Zuey, called the “Spring Fling Gown Set.” It’s a classy outfit and all of the jewelry is included! Hurry on down and grab yours today! Available in several colors! Taxi:

14 thoughts on “Waiting For A Friend

  1. ooh i soo soo soo agree u with u my dear and wait yes wait and wait a lil longer and when u least expect it when ur looking your worst and feeling like the world hates me or something like that then boom he will appear out of the mist and whisk u up and run off into the sunset with u it will it really will:))

    1. yes I think so too. I think so many are scared they will be alone so they grab the first “next best thing” to come along. No wonder 50% of all marriage ends in divorce. So for now, I will wait and be comfortable with my own skin. ❤

  2. You chose red, while I chose the green.

    As for what you write about relationships in world, I’ve always believed that it isn’t worth the hassle. Friendships, yes, just like have always been made in Net fora. But I’m happily married to a wonderful man with two kids in RL, and I don’t want to run the chance of messing that up. Having a RL family and a “SL family” is just too fraught with pitfalls, peril and heartache in the end.

    YMMV, of course.

    1. yes in SL there is so much room for deception. I admire the ones who have crossed it over to RL, but for me. Life is what is in front of my face. Thank you Harper! Enjoy the weekend! 😀

  3. What an open and honest post. You seem to have a very gentle spirit.

    I feel exactly as you do… I haven’t settled and while it may often get lonely, it’s only a state of mind. As a friend once said to me, I’m married and I still feel lonely. True joy is within.

    By the way I love that movie, and so googled the book when I saw the movie “Serendipity”. 🙂

    Great blog too.. we share the same theme, except yours is much prettier.


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