South of the Border

South of the Border

Okay, now see. I’ve mentioned it often enough before, but there are some disbeliever’s out there, but honestly, I am basically undate-able. I really am. My mom is a big part of the reason too. She is determined to see me married off just to give her a dozen or so grandkids. Why she picks on me and not my brother? Heck if I know. No, that’s not sincere, you have to know my brother, maybe it’s probably a good idea to slow down his gene pool. (Just kidding bro) I’m at my wits end honestly, and about to make sure I do not pick up when I see her name on the caller ID. The other day she calls, and I know it’s bad because the first thing she says is, “Cao do you love me?” I kick my own arse right then for picking up the phone, you’d think how much harm can a five foot three woman do, but frankly, she scares the davil out of me. After I affirm my undying love for her she tells me good then I won’t mind going out with Mrs. So and so’s son while he is in town. *head desk*

South of the Border

We decide to meet for a drink. I always refuse to meet for dinner on a first date. Why? Remember my manner’s “issues”? If he chews with his mouth open I am likely to look over at him, smile, and stab him with my plastic spork. They apparently frown on that in most eating establishments around here in this drinking village with a fishing problem. I digress, I show up at the alotted time, and lo and behold he doesn’t look so bad. Handsome fellow, great teeth, taller than me, my big three requirements are met. It was going pretty well, we were chatting about likes and dislikes, cursory things and I mentioned at one point I’d like to learn Spanish. He looks at me and I sware, this is more or less how the conversation went.

Guy: So you like it South of the Border, eh?
Me: What?
Guy: You like dudes from South of the Border (SOB).
Me: [stare] …
Guy: So is it because Florida guys don’t have much going on South of the Border?
Guy: You know, chicks like you these days just don’t want to date guys like me anymore, is it because of what we’ve got SOB?


Of course this is in gest, mostly. But you single women out there know what I’m talking about; we’ve all spent time with “that” guy. So smile and forage on, somewhere out there is some perfect guy made just for us. At least thats what I hear. I hope your Wednesday slides peacefully into the weekend! If you get a chance, come see me Saturday April 13th 1PM SLT, at the *SoliDea FoliEs* show during SoloEvane’s Milan Fashion Week! Today’s color tip? Don’t forget your primary colors, there is a reason they look so good on a flag!

Hair: Boon, YNO421
Glasses: Dumani, Cateye
Lips: Blackliquid, Bloodgloss
Jacket: Leverocci, Sleek Blazer (might be out of business, I tried to find)
Scarf: GizzA, Tricot Set (from the)
Skirt: Maitreya, Mini
Clutch: Chic Zafari, London Bag
POSE: BehaviorBody, Handbag pose

10 thoughts on “South of the Border

  1. HAHA, I am sad to say I know men just like that. Maybe go ahead and leave the baby making to your brother lol. And I also want to learn Spanish because I live in South Florida and no habla. I interact all day long with Latin speaking People and clueless is not what I want to be remembered for 🙂

    1. oh I know. being from Florida I hear you. Maybe I don’t have it near as bad as you. I think the official language in my part of Florida is medicaid-ese 😉 but still, we have it here too. And I’ve taken Spanish three times over the years (junior high and the required two semesters at college) and still can only speak spanglish. A very iffy spanglish at that. I think once I actually ordered dog.. But I know the important stuff. “dos cervezas por favor!” 😉 Thanks Spirit! 😀

  2. Is it mean of me to laugh so hard over this one? I keep thinking that if his “north” of the border improves, or more specifically, you know the part we call the “brain”, if he balances that part with a better opinion about his subjects of mating interest, he can probably see better action with his SOB.

    1. hehehe no I think laughter is the response expected. 😉 I myself cried so much I ended up laughing, but then thats my life. 😀 And very true, he obviously sits around and thinks with the South more than the North. Thanks Tashi!

  3. OMG this made me laugh, if it was me I would agreed with him that he is obviously lacking SOB (seriously who says that to someone they just met.. ever?)

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