Be Slow in Choosing a Friend

Be Slow in Choosing a Friend

Moving really slow to blog today, no excuse really. I had date two last night. The wine was good, the food sublime and the chat mellow, I think I have a slight case of veisalgia today though. 😉 It was fun and he hasn’t thrown me off the Bridge of Lions… yet. I have to think so much before making any step I ever make, I’m not much for jumping into anything with both feet, so time will tell. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing.” Being a quiet speck, it sometimes takes people time to get used to me and when they ask me every ten minutes “are you okay?” just because I am being quiet, well, it kind of rankles. Some people are just that way, some of us are watchers and thinkers is all. I am the same in Second Life with friends. So just try not to count us out, we will get there eventually, and when we do, you will have a friend for life because watchers and thinkers are typically a pretty loyal lot. Just think about it, we had a hard time acclimating to you as a friend, do you think we are going to just throw it all away in a blink of the eye? I know I wouldn’t, starting over scares the heck out of me. Just know, I’m here, I’m just feeling my way over to there.

Be Slow in Choosing a Friend

Take from? The quote? It really, really applies to Second Life. It’s so easy to believe the person you are speaking with is face value and honest with you but sometimes, sadly, its just an act. So perhaps it behooves you to be slow in choosing close friends but also, be even slower about letting those friends change you. Because sometimes, well actually probably most times, those changes they are making to you? They don’t fit right. They are like seeing a pair of Christian Louboutin’s heels at an affordable price but they just don’t quite have your size. After you buy them and put them on, they may be fine for the first hour or so, but after that, your just going to be walking around barefoot and carrying them around with you. And really, shouldn’t your friends like you as you are anyway? Just something to think about. Give it a little time, it’ll make sense after some deep thought.

Outfit One:
Watch: GizzA, Asia *NEW*****
Outfit: GizzA, Black Seduction *NEW*******
Hair: Boon, KOM372
Ring: Pididdle, Brown Fox
HairPiece: Glam Affair, “I Follow Rivers” and “Fiora Antler”
Makeup: Mons Dark lipgloss & ZIBSKA, Cleo
Boa: *SoliDea FoliEs* part of Amanda & Miamai, Whisper night
Hosery: Angel Dessous, gorgeous
Shoos: Diktator, Dare

21 thoughts on “Be Slow in Choosing a Friend

  1. Wonderful post with much to savor. I also take my time in choosing friends…they usually remain acquaintances until I know that they are not An té a thabharfas scéal chugat tabharfaidh sé dhá scéal uait…if they are, I move on and wish them well. <3<3

    1. Yes, you would think the “living with two faces” (stories) would be exhausting to keep up. I find it easier to just be myself. Thank you always Xiu! You are doing well in your foray to the “real world”?

      1. I am doing very well with my foray into First Life…it isn’t nearly as frightening as one would think 😛 I’m rolling with the inimitable words of a wise man… “Oh the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done! There are points to be scored. There are games to be won. And the magical things you can do with that ball will make you the winning-est winner of all.”
        ~Dr. Suess~
        I seriously would love to see someone do a Dr. Seuss themed meme…how much fun would that be! <3<3

      2. hahaha yes indeed it would be fun, I wouldn’t even have to use real words. I once had a friend who wouldn’t let her child have the books because it’s nonsensical at times. I was really saddened to think a child would have to live without knowing how big their mind could go in being creative. My fave Suess? “Why fit in when you were made to stand out?” <33

  2. Lovely post Cao..I agreed with your thoughts. Am a slow person myself. On top of that, English is not my first language so sometimes it’s hard to express myself effectively…some people are patience but mostly don’t. They assume I am not interested and they moved on. Thanks for being my voice in this post. ❤

  3. Interesting topic and post. Did any of your second life friends become your ‘real friends’? I can relate to this post, as I am not a talkative person..

    1. I do have a few cross-over friends and honestly it never would have happened without Second Life. The little space of anonymity a virtual platform gives seems to help me to express my self more. If you ever want an interesting read, you should pick up “Quiet. the power of introverts” I think it helped me to at least accept my quietness as being normal. Have a wonderful weekend Night!

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