Strawberry and Electrons Toddy

Strawberry's and Electron Toddy

Did you ever walk into a room and forget why you walked in? I think that’s how dogs spend their lives. My Jack Russell Terrior-ist KT (her spelling not mine) does this all the time. I’ll hear her snoring like a lumber jack one moment and the very next she will walk in the room, stare at me and then wander away again. Short blog today, heck, my brain jumped into the weekend yesterday. I started this blog 5 hours ago, does that tell you how many times I’ve walked into the room and forgot what I was looking for? I just want to leave you with a thought. Did you know the entire Internet is stored and delivered using 540 billion trillion electrons. Yes, thats billion trillion. The sum weight of it all is about 50 grams, or about the weight of one strawberry. Having eaten five strawberries with my yogurt this morning for breakfast, I figure I’ve eaten the Internet five times over. Just a little random knowledge to kick start your weekend! Now pass me that strawberry margarita please, I’m going to be needing it.

Strawberry's and Electron Toddy

Hair: Epoque, Tied-up Hair
Makeup: Blackliquid, Bloody Gloss
Dress: Liv-Glam, K Collection, Dora
Necklace: SYL, Egyptian Rivival Weave
Bracelet/ring: .Shi, Eye Bangle & Ring
Earring: Ryca, Bamboo Earring
Sunglasses: Redgrave, Laurita
Shoos: GOS, Grace Sandal

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I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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