Sunsets and Seashells

Sunsets and Seashells

I can’t wait for real life work to be done. Tonight is another “girls night out.” I can have them any time I want, but my friends, being married, some even with a rugrat or two, the orchestrating becomes a bit more complex. We basically sit there hunched over our Iphones, crackberry’s or androids pecking away at our calendars until we find one night that is empty for us all. I love girls night out, it always reminds me of our carefree college days but more importantly, it reminds me I need to stop every once in a while and treasure the many gifts I’ve been given. The wonderful friends and their growing families, the state I live in, my job, all the beauty that surrounds me, and my education. I do think college is a gift, not all are lucky enough to be able to go but I believe education is the greatest gift of all. I know, how does that make sense, right? We all have the ability to expand our knowledge, to study, to learn from others, opportunity is all around us, everywhere we look. All we have to do is listen, ask, share. I plan to be a life long learner. I think Mark Twain said it just right when he was quoted,”Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” Real learning comes from what we learn when our nose isn’t mashed in some book.

Sunsets and Seashells

Why this topic, why today? Some of my best education has come from this group of friends. They never cease to amaze me. Surround yourself with intelligence, sincerity and kindness and how can you not learn? But. I think it behooves us to have a broad spectrum of friends to learn from, to minimize the occurence of groupthink. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for conformity leads to decisions based to minimize conflict. Think about it, I’m sure most of us have “that” group of friends. That is how my virtual group broadens my education widely. (You guys rock!) As for the sunsets and sunshells? I always think fondly of both when I am meeting these girlfriends. Between the four of us, we’ve spent countless hours over the years searching for both. Some were gorgeous, others forgettable but for the most part the goods outweigh the bads. I kinda figure thats a life well spent, don’t you? I hope you have the chance to spend time with cherished friends too this week! Don’t forget! L’Accessoires started today! I’m such a happy Cao, I even included the links here: Link:

Hair: Tram, A418
Necklace/Ring: MiWardrobe, Little Prince **L’Accessoires**
Watch: Eclipse, Carpe Diem **L’Accessoires**
Purse: Pure Poison, Persia blk&slvr **L’Accessoires**
Top: Baiastice, Maua Bikini top
Shorts: .Shi, Beehive highwaist short **NEW**

7 thoughts on “Sunsets and Seashells

  1. As always, you do not disappoint…I love this post! Education is invaluable in all the many forms opportunity gives us to open our minds, explore, imagine, connect and grow.
    Is é seo mo mhian ar do shon:
    “Chompord ar laethanta deacra,
    smiles nuair a intrudes brón,
    rainbows chun leanúint leis an scamaill,
    gáire a póg do liopaí,
    sunsets a te do chroí,
    hugs nuair a sag bhiotáille,
    áilleacht do do shúile a fheiceáil,
    cairdeas chun brighten do bheith,
    creideamh ionas gur féidir leat a chreidiúint,
    muinín nuair a amhras ort,
    misneach a fhios duit féin,
    foighne chun glacadh leis an fhírinne,
    Grá a chur i gcrích do shaol. ”

    Beannú na hÉireann

  2. Lovely post. It is a wonderful feeling meeting your friends. Loads of fun along with some education. Here, fun is the most important thing and education is a part of the game:)

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