GOL The Next Generation

GOL The Next GenerationYep, I broke model rule number one, I went into public half styled.. shhhh don’t tell Frolic! Outfit credits coming soon!Pose: Del May

One thing sure stands true in Second Life™, very few things stand still. How many times have you teleported with one of your landmarks and your destination is gone? It happens to me quite a bit, especially when the economy tanked. Just goes to show, virtual worlds aren’t really insulated from the economics of the real world. I don’t get around much anymore, being retired I am more out of world than inworld these days. Especially with the job being cranked right now and the new “boyfriend.” But I can still reminisce about the days when I first started Second Life™, I loved clubbing, listening to music, laughing with friends. Ah the good old days. One of my fave haunts was GOL, known not only for its hard driving, pulse thumping music, but also for its state of the art virtual architecture. If you were looking for a crowd of people, GOL was your destination. For newer residents who have never experienced a fun loving crowd, today is your lucky day! For the rest of us, well, we’ll just go because we love the madding crowd, the music, and a good party.

GOL The Next Generation

COMING MAY 24th 10am slt , a new chapter in the GOL history, from the Original Founder, Creator and Owner Dakota Neumann. The famed GOL club series will christen it’s newest member, The 9th on Friday, May 24, 2013. Dakota Neumann, the creator and founder of GOL is proud to share his latest creation with the world. Since June of 2006, GOL has been the long established KING of the music scene in Second Life. We’ve all enjoyed hanging out with friends and letting the tuneage from the best DJs around the world move our bodies.

Keeping the T R A D I T I O N alive! Join us as we christen the newest addition to our GOL family… Limo to the Show:

GOL The Next Generation

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