Cacatuoidea and Clarity

Cacatuoidea and Clarity

I am so late and out of sorts today. Here the day is almost over and I’ve yet to write my blog. I’ve been way to contemplative, listening to the silence and trying to make meaning of it. There in lies my mistake, always trying to find meaning. This morning, I began to analyze the noise in my brain and when I try to “figure it out,” I just become deeper lost in thought. It’s a viscious circle. It’s like watching a sunrise. When you watch the sunrise, you’d ruin it if you try to figure it out. You just have to watch the changes and let them cascade through your emotions. Without thought from you, you receive something from it, whether its joy, peace, solace, well, anything. It’s different for each person and at any given moment in time. If you try to analyze a sunrise, the experience the sunrise has for you will go away. This is my quandary. I’ve met a soul friend. Have you ever found one? You sure know it when you do, it hits you in the gut like a punch. This person brings you serenity, excitement, happiness, but well, I’m a Cao. He’s a man, so this person scares the ‘ell out of me honestly. Which puts me back in a predicament, because I can’t choose between flight or fight.

Cacatuoidea and Clarity

Take from? You betcha, for now, well for a little while longer at least, I think I’ll leave the flying to the Cacatuoidea (cockatoo) and keep my feet planted here and pray for clarity. It’s not often we meet people who can touch deeply hidden points within us. I’ve met just a few here, some of whom read my blog, some inworld but in all of them, I feel they each have a lesson to teach me, if I will just be still long enough to listen. Don’t rush through life, be quiet and listen to all that is around you as your journey through life moves on. Take what is helpful, disregard what is not, but live your journey with all of your emotions. This, I believe, is the secret to a fulfilling life. One without, what ifs.


Hat: *Lode* Overcast Hat **NEW**
Hair: Boon, KBO906
Makeup: Tuty’s. Black eyeliner, Neri-oshiroi geisha makeup
Lips: Blackliquid, Blackcherry Love heart
Jacket: Lelutka, Boyaca Bolero
shirt: Maitreya, Bratop
Obi 1: -Irodori- Hana Hubuki (edited)
Obi 2: *+:.LD slim Obi Blue
Pants: Chic Zafari, Print Pants **NEW**
Hands: Slink, natural
Earrings: Chop Zuet, La Chat Noir
Lapel pin: La Penderie de Nicole, My Pinned Cameo ❤
Necklace/watch: Lagyo, Charmed Watch, Triumph necklace

11 thoughts on “Cacatuoidea and Clarity

  1. Do the opposite of both, jump right in with open arms 🙂 , savor this feeling like it is the last bottle of the finest wine.

  2. Don’t be afraid to do what your heart tells you, sweet Cao. You and I share a commont trait…we tend to overthink things. Just this once, let yourself just enjoy the feelings ♥

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