Alone in a Crowded Room

Yes, I guess you could say I am a loner, but I feel more lonely in a crowded room with boring people than I feel on my own. ~ Henry Rollins
Alone in a Crowded Room

On days like today, I like to say the voices in my head have voices in their heads because I can’t concentrate there are so many different ideas and words spinning around up there. I can’t format one single concrete idea. Days like this leave me tired and cranky from lackadaisically perusing the Internet and running off at the keyboard. It’s not a bad thing, some of my best writing is done this way, but on the other hand most of it ends up getting the crosshairs and banished to the little tin can in the corner of my desktop. Does being like this upset me, no, not really, I long ago realized you can’t cure crazy, and look at it this way, there will never be a time when I am alone. I’ve taken what, to some, would be a problem, and put an optimistic spin on it. I kind of agree with the Henry Rollins quote above and I think it is a genetic marker found in most creative sorts, not just us thinkers and watchers. While most definitely creativity is inborn and as we age only a lucky few are able to hold onto the creativity, we are all born as creatives. What stymies the process is how we are educated and how we adapt to our environments. So if you think about it, what makes you different than the person who is creative isn’t that they are more talented than you, it’s that you have lost yours.

Alone in a Crowded Room

You don’t have to live out the remainder of your life uncreative, you had it once, and all you need to do is grow it back. If you work on nourishing some of the qualities of highly creative people, chances are they will become a natural part of your personality too. Again, remember, you have the tools within you; you have just become “learning different.” To start you on the pursuit of your own inner creativeness, I want to give you some of the major attributes creatives consistently adhere to. Creative people are awestruck when they see something new. They have lots of questions. They keep asking what, why, when, where and how. Because think about it, a questioning mind is an open for possibilities mind. It’s the complete opposite of a knowing mind. Only an open mind can be creative. A knowing mind can never act creatively because there is no room for growth, change, or most important, there is no room for possibility.

Alone in a Crowded Room

Creative people don’t get knocked out when a problem arises. When some people find a problem, they immediately start to sweat and look for someone to blame. Forget the problem itself, just being faced with a problem becomes their main issue. Give the same dilemma to a creative and with gusto they will roll up the sleeves and get working. They seem to enthusiastically embrace these challenges with a persistence that borders on the psychotic. They see problems as opportunities to improve the quality of their life. Being faced with a problem is never a problem. But seriously, think about it, what is life but a continuing series of problems that need to be solved every day? From the most mundane, “I am hungry, how do I solve this?” to the ‘I have ten dollars in the bank and 3 days until payday” They are both problems similar to the many we may encounter as the day rolls on. Life is a fascinating rhythm of problems and solutions. To be an uncreative problem-averse individual is to be life-averse. To be problem-friendly is to be life-friendly. Problems come into your life to convey some message. If you run away from them, you will miss the message and how sad that is, because often if you had just pushed forward for a little more, around the corner there may have been one of the happiest discoveries of your life waiting for you.

The take from? Of course! Somewhere along the line you have to accept life is going to give you a lot of lemons, it does to all of us. When you have one tossed your way. Reframe it, make lemonade, because being able to reframe experiences in a different light is a very powerful skill. Reframing allows you to look at a situation from a different angle. It is like having another camera angle during a football game to see if the officiating called it right. And a different view has the power to change your entire perception of the situation. Reframing can breathe new life into dead situations. It can motivate deflated dreams. It helps you to spot opportunities that you would have otherwise missed. At the end of the day, sure that person might always be more naturally creative than you, but with a little mind muscle work to change your patterns of behavioral thought processes, you can become pretty close to the creative you were born to be. Hows that for Word and Peace, Draakje Dailey? SLURL’s are found here: Link:

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9 thoughts on “Alone in a Crowded Room

  1. I love the hair it is really you! I also loved the post, great insight about overcoming creative blockages, motivating and inspiring….now where did I leave that book draft….

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