Stubborn Love

Stubborn LoveFor Love Donna Flora event. Dress w Hairpiece: Champagne Sparkling Fashion: Grace ❤ Enzo

52,502 L’s raised here for Wigs for Kids. Last day! to pledge to receive my shape.I don’t know why I let myself get this way. I mean, it’s not me, it’s my mum that’s on this “can I please have grandkids before I die” kick. And don’t get me wrong, she’s not even sick, or really even that old. I mean, heck the way she keeps going to doctors, like my current beau, Doctor Ben Dover, (aka Taylor) she’s probably going to outlive me. I’m scared of doctor’s, it’s only recently I’ve had to actually go to one, and see what happens? I have to have a small surgery. After that, I’m never going back! That’s probably why my mum set me up with one, don’t tell me that’s not going to feel like being a rat in an observatory tank after a few months. I’ll keep thinking “why’s he keep staring at me?” Heck, after a few months it will more than likely be “why’s he keep staring at me like I’ve lost all my hair and grown a second head?” Nah, I’m sure I am kidding. Probably.

Stubborn LoveChampagne Sparkling Fashion.. Bringing Sexy Back

Yeah, you guessed it. Cao’s all worked up, it must be date night again. It’s a dressy date night. Yep, I have to dig around in my knickers drawer and find my spanxs.. . On dressy date night I wouldn’t think of wearing anything else, especially with a slinky black gown. Those who have read my blog for a while know this can be an issue of major proportions. I originally spoke about it here: Spanks Blog I can’t help it, to socialize I have to have at least two drinks, otherwise you might as well prop me in a corner and call me wallflower and when I have two drinks (or more) I have to run to the loo. Let me tell you, for no panty lines those things are the best thing since chocolate molten cake was invented, but for us with Frequent Pee-er Miles, they can be the bane of our existence when we know our date is at the table thinking to himself “it’s only a second date, will I still be alive when she finally gets out of the bathroom?” All I can think about is grunting and groaning, profusely sweating each time I have to jimmy them back up with a crow bar. But well, you get the picture. I never know, did I say too much?

Stubborn LoveI had to wear Spanx with this sexy dress too. Luckily I was alone, no alcohol was required.

Take from? Certainly! I think if I had my druthers, I’d go home, put on a big floppy T-shirt and my bikini bottoms, pour a glass of wine and sit on the balcony. Well, I am not an island; I am part of a family, so for that I will continue to try. Why? Because it’s a small thing to do to make someone I love happy, but more importantly each date teaches me a little more about myself, makes me a little more comfortable with life. So love may seem stubborn at this point but each success, or failure, is making it just a little easier for me to breathe, to relax, to love. Now, if I can just find those Spanx… Y’all have a wonderful weekend! Thanks to Tania Tebaldi there is a list of the SLURL’s to the stores participating in the Love Donna Flora event! Link

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