Being Creative in Ambiguous Times

I don’t know if you realize it, but we are at an incredibly articulate point historically. We are living and working in a fast moving digitally driven, globally connected society where change is constant and ambiguity is certain. It’s very possible, in years to come, it may be noted that this generation gave the world one of its greatest gifts, instant connectivity, effectively shrinking down the size of the world. I mean think about it, social media platforms allow a silly little Cao from a drinking village with a fishing problem to communicate, share creative freedom and ideas with other like-minded people from locales throughout the world. My mind liquefies with the thought of the potential to connect and learn.

Being Creative in ambiguous Times 2 Outfit: [AD], 50’s Mesh Swimsuit

But with the rapidity of change there are the inherent problems of this pace: fear, distrust and uncertainty. Though passionate positive energy can bring confidence and the power to transform things for the better, we have to counter-balance this weight with trust, belief and intuition to get the lofty goals off the ground. In the dubious void of social media platforms and virtual worlds, our strongest alliance is our own inner intuition because that little niggling sensation in your gut? Well, it’s more often right than wrong because it’s the wisdom formed by our feelings and instincts. Think of it as God’s “gift” to us of knowing something without using your senses. Like if you hold my arms in the air and wiggle your fingers at my armpits, I am going to giggle whether you touch me or not, the action doesn’t have to actually occur my intuition tells me it will tickle.

Being Creative in Ambiguous Times Pose: Pretense Poses for the Love Donna Flora Event

Also needed is trust. Trust is the basis for all human relationships and where we derive our greatest inner strength. Where do we typically feel our most positive energy? When we are surrounded with people we trust, such as family, friends, and co-workers. So to unlock the freedom to explore and create in social media platforms we have to surround ourselves with those people who nourish this sense of trust in themselves and others. But last, and certainly not least, there is a third leg to lend stability to our social media creativity platform, belief. With newfound support, ignited by hope for the future, supported by our virtual social circle, belief creates a new confidence to set our creative dreams in motion, allowing you to open your mind and freely connect, learn and create. Kind of like the think tanks popular in the early 2000’s have grown up and become some sort of oxymoronic virtually vast microcosm ready for the exploring.

Being Creative in Ambiguous Times 3Pose: Flash Friendy Pose for the Love Donna Flora Event

Take from? Sure, though at this point, I’m not sure I even made sense. As a generation, we have been given the amazing gift of social media platforms in which we have the tools to empower, create, and educate. But built into this gift we should endow seven core values: accountability, altruism, compassion, excellence, integrity, professionalism and social responsibility. Because without these instilled values we limit the platforms boundless potential for creativity, collaboration, and invention. Whew, I don’t know about you, but to me that was exhausting. But lucky me, I have just enough time to go look at some of the creative content being offered at the Love Donna Flora event. Don’t take my word for it though, you can find all the information you need right here.

10 thoughts on “Being Creative in Ambiguous Times

  1. made the world of sense to me, but DAMN you know some hefty words lol, My English and thought processes are up there with the best of them, but you have me hands down on vocabulary. I also know that you are correct especially about accountability. I think also that if we nourish we flourish, so thank you for nourishing my brain today dear Cao!! And you look like a little darling in your 50’s swimwear:-) No I did not have to look any of those words up…………Kisses

  2. I think it’s those who have integrity and accountability who are most easily hurt – in any life. I don’t trust immediately as I once did, but I have learned to listen to my gut instinct.

    Thanks again for the cup of wisdom to go with my morning coffee, sweet Cao ❤

  3. Thank you for your wise thoughts as usual. I call our times the omnivision times, as I am reading this I am also watching the news on the tv and chatting to my cousin online. The news had a story about prominent women being targeted for abuse on twitter, It just makes me sad how people use the advantages of our age for such ugliness. One of the things I love about SL is the beautiful things people use the platform for such as creating and helping others like the Donna Flora event.

    1. YAY! I love that! the Omnivision times! Yes, it is so sad you can have such a wonderful place and have a handful of arseholes around to muck up the works, it’s kind of like a predator hanging out at Disney World. It shouldn’t happen, but somehow they always manage to get in the park. As for the Love Donna Flora event, it is wonderful!!There are a lot of very nice things there! 😀 Have a gorgeous weekend Zion! (I am off the rest of the week)

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