Be A Soft Light

Bosl Donna FLoraPhotograph by: Natzuka Miliandrovic of my friends MeiMei Shiu, CottonCandy Teardrop and myself parading around in our scrumptious Donna Flora for the “We Love Donna Flora” article in August 2013 BOSL Magazine

7500 L’s Has been bid on me for the Love Donna Flora event.My friend and fellow blogger Natalee Oodles of Styleminions ( had a heart wrenching blog today. Apparently she and some SL friends and family recently lost a friend suddenly and in her pain she blogged a simple challenge to each and every one of us. She asked us to “challenge ourselves: be thankful and improve.” I can think of nothing more humble than to be thankful for what we have and to improve on those imperfections inherent in each of us. Though I did not know the woman who passed away, I can admire her that she elicits a strong calling from people to gather around reflect and work for the good within each of us. I think of these people as “positive oxygen in a stifling world.” I wish I had met her, I think I would have held her dear, but for now, I will honor her by giving thanks and working on me.

Be a Soft LightI’ve always wished to have curly hair, but for today, I will be thankful it is straight. Hair: Boon, TYU321 . Flowers: Glam Affair, Queen of Roses . Jewelry: Mandala, TefuTefu .

I had planned to touch base on the Love Donna Flora event and it still seems a fitting time. I hope by now you’ve been able to stop by and pick up a few things, there is lots of gorgeousness there, including the scrumptious gown from Baiastice seen in the picture below. The gown has excellent fit (5 sizes) and a simple elegant stylishness, so it is the perfect base piece for most style challenges. The material and lighting give the gown a realistic shimmer bound to draw all eyes directly to you. Most of you would buy a dress like this anyway, so why not buy one that directly benefits our friend Squinternet Larnia as she battles a war with breast cancer? And so you know, I wasn’t given this gown, like most of you, I bought it because I don’t want to cast out cheap words with no sustenance to them. I want to feel what I say.

Be a Soft LightThis gown makes me feel like a Hollywood starlet. Gown: Baiastice, Giulia **Love Donna Flora** .

The take from? Sure, I’ve heard some of you expect it. 🙂 Be a soft light of hope in a garish stifling world. Learn that love is forgiving, forgiving and forgiving again, love is accepting others as they are, not demanding they change, and love is messy, deep, and brilliantly, poignantly painful at times. None of us knows how many pages are in our life story until we turn the last page. Wouldn’t you want your story to bring hope, joy and life to those around when you are gone? I do, so I choose to walk carefully on these sacred grounds while I am here, resolving to uplift that which needs hope, bypass that which brings harm and hold close to all those around me. Thank you Millie Gears and Natalee for reminding me in my walk to remember to focus inward, to be still, to quietly listen, and to breathe. Life is good. All SLURL’s to the Donna Flora designers are on the page to the left.

4 thoughts on “Be A Soft Light

  1. Hi, Beautiful I have been a little busy and been missing your blogs. Today I came in to catch up on one of my favorites reads…that’s right words from my friend Cao. I think the song “Live Like You Were Dying” is so right on the money and I believe everyone should do just that. Be remembered for the goodness in you and the kindness you extend to others. Be respectful of our planet as we don’t want to be leaving a wreck for those that come behind us. Yes that is a hard one, because I see so many that don’t seem to respect mother Earth at all. I love the stylings too:-) doing your SoliDea Folies now… Words of wisdom and encouragement are always a breath of fresh air, but they always mean more to me when you pen them.

    Have a blessed day Cao

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