A Princess Awaits

A Princess AwaitsHair: MaDesigns, Isabel . Earrings: Modern Couture, Rugaji **L’Accessoires**

It’s Friday, so you can bet I’m a tad melancholy, it is “date night” after all. And much to my chagrine, it’s looking more and more like Dr. Ben Dover (Taylor) will make the cut for finalist on the Lil Cao version of the “Bachelorette”. I’d have not thought that from the beginning, Jay is just so “perfect” in so many ways. But perhaps that in itself is the issue. How can I not notice all my imperfections with such perfection occupying the space next to me? I suppose this kind of makes me a snob. I can’t figure out how, I just know it does. Am I sad? Yeah a little. But relieved too, life is good, I am happy, Jay seems happy too. Maybe he noticed all those glaring pointy bits and pieces of me and I don’t quite fit into his Barbie and Ken world either. So with new resolve, there by the grace of the dating diva’s go I. Taylor promised to take me someplace casual, so I can go sans spanks (I know Peep will be so happy for me) and after dinner, who knows? I just hope it involves pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. Now I just have to figure out how to tell my mum she was right all along.

A Princess AwaitsRing: Nyu, Minimal Bold **L’Accessoires** . Outfit: Eshi, Deadly Kitty

Take from? When it comes to love, be slow, take your time, you’ll get there one day. Probably when you least expect it. There’s a reason they say “Fools Rush in,” and who likes to play the fool? Not me, for sure. I wish you all a Pina Colada kind of weekend! And don’t forget, this round of L’Accessoires is a special anniversary one, so lots of limited lot inventory. Heck, I’m feeling so loved, I reckon I’ll even include the taxi for you, I’m kinda nice like that. Taxi:

14 thoughts on “A Princess Awaits

  1. ‘YAY’ you made your choice, or was it made for you as I said it would be:-) Moms love to hear they were right all along lol so seems you are going to make some people happy for sure. I am happy just seeing your blog and catching up on Cao…Hugs from me Spirit

    1. omgosh hahahaha and I know what she calls them! lolol oh no, now I am going to be thinking about that all night. I hope that’s not what I mistakingly order.. *head desk* hahaha Thanks Cougar… 😀

      1. hahaha but then I wont be able to speak. Maybe a Rob Roy…. Of course, alcohol usually has me asking how his day was, then I remember what he does and YIKES! OMGosh, now I have to worry about that too! 😀

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