Little Dragons, Stalking, and Shopping Excursions

Little Dragons, Stalking, and Shopping ExcursionsHair: Boon, LYU038 , Bracelet/Earrings: [Mandala], Polly ❤

This will be brief, I am still a little woozy from date night. It was a speed date, because I am watching a little one (ala “we be huntin’ pirates” fame) today for a friend, but it was a wonderful dinner none the less. I some how managed not to ask about his job, choke on a piece of ice or mistakenly ask for a Pen*s Coladas. WHEW! Yesterday, while inworld, I was sassing my besty Draakje Dailey and the bish tried to clock me upside the ‘ead with a landmark. I sware, she tried to bean me with it.. I grew a little suspicious because it was a LM for a designer I’ve never heard of. For those who don’t know, Draakje has been stalking me for years now and suddenly I have the sinking suspicion she’s been cheat stalking with someone else. Painful to deal with, but I am trying to keep it together. *sniff*

Little Dragons, Stalking, and Shopping Excursions Short: Overhigh, Leather short . Shirt/jacket: Overhigh, Blazer w. T-shirt . Hair: Boon, KTW810 . Glasses: Glam Affair, Vintage Sunglasses **Collabor 88** . Jewelry: [Mandala], Osenbei, Hokusai, Katakori (I am telling you, just go buy the entire store)

How do I deal with such humiliation? Well I surely don’t bury it, I go to the scene of the crime and do a little retail therapy, that’s what I do. The sad part was I went to Overhigh to purchase one dress. One dress. Just one. Before I knew it, I’d purchased half the store! Well not really, but I did find so many “I want this and this and this” that I will have to go back when I find me a sugar daddy with too much Lindens and the need for a little arm Cao candy. Any volunteers? Huh? anyone? *knock knock knock* Anyone out there? The shirt and jacket above are one piece, I am wearing it in the plain Tee version, you know Cao, she never likes to dress to extreme. Shush yo mouth, Peep Sideshow! Oh I wandered there a sec, *cough* the Tee/jacket combo comes with a HUD and there some really cool ways you can change the print on the Tee. YAY! Six tops in one! You can’t tell me THAT’s not Epic!

Little Dragons, Stalking, and Shopping ExcursionsShirt: Overhigh, Lola (and not those big way out there boobahs either!) . Hairs: Boon, OBL161 . Skirt: Mon Tissu, Westbury . Makeup: Miamai, dark desires . Jewelry: [Mandala], Onigiri, Hokusai, Leather Feather (git the entire store, I tell ya)

Overhighs shirt I am wearing above. Anyone could see why it jumped in to the shopping cart. Just look at the detailing! The built in folds in the sleeve, the realistic rumple to the cloth, the scrumptious color. Heck, I’m not sure if this is even women’s wear, but as you know, I’ve never been above donning male clothing a time or two. I did blog Sartoria‘s men’s suits a once or twice. This has become a new fave in my closet, just for the ease of throwing it on, pulling on something like a groovy pair of knicker shorts to cover the nawty bits and done.

Little Dragons, Stalking, and Shopping Excursions Gown: Overhigh, Lorde dress . Shoos: Celoe, Amae .

And last but certainly not least, the purchase I originally struck out to buy to cheer me up, Overhighs Lorde gown. One look and it’s self-explanatory why I would want the dress, I mean check it out, it’s demurely elegant about the back and shoulders, but slit, all.. the… way… up… to… there.. Again, look at the realistic wrinkling and lighting effect, just stunning. Have to admit, I’m feeling much mo’ better. Dragon Schmagon, I always say. Well I don’t really, but today I’ll make an exception. I’m still on my retail therapy buzz after all. If you see Draakje around later, don’t tell her I’ll be shopping, she might try to stalk me. As for you, I hope your weekend is turning out to be a wonderfully good surprise! Heck, I am feeling so good, I’ll even include the taxi to Overhigh for you! I’m kinda a nice Cao like that. Taxi:

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9 thoughts on “Little Dragons, Stalking, and Shopping Excursions

  1. lol you know your Peep so well! I about choked on my tea when I read you didn’t dress to extremes then spat it across my keyboard when I read the next line 😀

    And I really, really hate you and da Dragon Stalker right now. I just blew my month’s budget at Collabor88 and now I HAVE to go to Overhigh!

    1. Its mutual. I’ve been giving her grief all day. She keeps showing me pics of new shoos. … so maybe I DO stalk her, but only bc she’s throwin out the bait. On the Peep comment… I only know ya bc I love you! Now clean up that keyboard 😀 Xox

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