Last Gasp of Summer

Last Gasp of Summer b

It’s the weekend, Katy is giving me the silent treatment. She keeps walking into the kitchen, staring forlornly at her empty dog dish, sighs tragically and walks back out again. Apparently I am allowed to starve myself but this establishment frowns darkly on my starving the Dee-Oh-Gee. (I have to spell it because she swares she’s a real live girl) One of these days is the first day of Autumn, tomorrow I think I heard on the news. Not that I would know, I look out and see green, and heat and beach. You guys have it so lucky! I want just one leaf to turn brown and fall off a tree, is one too much to ask for crying out loud?

Last Gasp of Summer a

Alright, alright I know, enough excuses. I am off to grocery store ‘ell and when I get back I might just jog on down and stick my toes in the surf. Well that’s the plan anyway, I’ll have to wait to find out what “Yer Royal Highness” (KT) lets me do today. *sigh*

Last Gasp of Summer

Take from? Sure! Jack Russell Terriorist, For Sale….Cheap! Naw, she’s nice enough to let me live with her, I guess I can’t get rid of her yet. I hope you all feel some sunshine today!

Hair: Truth, Rocky **NEW**
Hairpiece: Glam Affair, Season Queen ** The Seasons Story **
Lipstick: .::Mother Goose::. **The Seasons Story**
Necklace: 22769, Wooden Ball **NEW**
Shirt: Shiki, Crossroads Sleeveless Blazers (menswear)
Leggins: Peqe, Unicef Tights
Boots: +ILO+, Operator Boot **The Seasons Story**

POSE w. Flowers: Pretense, A Flower for You **NEW** **My Attic**

Props: 22769 Bauwerk, Hanging Bench & Cub Poof’s

10 thoughts on “Last Gasp of Summer

    1. *faints* you “spoke” I got Tock San to “speak” nah, I’ve been a little under the weather. I’ll get back in the groove soon. Just because I am mute doesn’t meant I’m not thinking and reading ❤

  1. LOVE the fabulous quirky styling and I would take KT in a heart beat! ❤
    It is wonderful to see @tocksin around again. Always a pleasure reading his intelligent, thoughtful, high gravity prose.

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