Befuddingly Knackered

Befuddingly Knackered Calgon Take Me Away . Balloons: {What Next}, Balloon Love . Chairs: 7 Emporium, Chair Pile **Designers United 5** .

I awoke this morning feeling really tired. For some reason every year about this time I start to feel this way. I always reckoned it’s the equivalent of the animal kingdoms urge to prepare to hibernate. If I could I’d go home and go back to bed, but as luck would have it, Taylor invited me to lunch today so he picked me up this morning to drive me to work. Probably best for me and the world in general that he did, because I can’t think I’d be a very safe driver right now. But probably not the best for him, I can be pretty cranky when I’m tired. You know that little toddler in the store whose constant whining lets everyone within a mile know she really, I mean really lady, an hour ago for the love of pete, needed a nap? I’m probably ten times worse.

Befuddingly KnackeredHair: Blackliquid, Chen **The Couturiers Docks** . Dress: Tee*fy, Black Clouds **The Designer’s United 5** . Jewelry: !SSD (Sax Shepherd Designs), Frills lone .

Luckily having spent a few mornings with Taylor already, he knows, and kinda expects it, he even says its adorable. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, I suppose time will tell but to be honest, I oft wonder how he puts up with cranky Cao. This morning in true form we are sitting in his car about to leave and he asks if I have everything. I pat myself, look around and say “crap! I forgot my purse.” I drag myself up to my second floor condo, grab the bag, give Katy another “you be good” treat, and sludge back down. When I resettle in the seat he asks, “sure you have everything?” I do the mental pat down again, and I “gasp”. Worried, Taylor asks if I am ok, to which I answer, “yes, for a second there I thought I forgot my heart, but then I remembered I gave it to you for safekeeping.” Yeah, I get major prop points on that one. Don’t believe me? Just ask my friend Peep!

Befuddingly KnackeredMy knees are crossed, but aren’t these shoos so divine? (SLink feet required, also wearing Slink hands) Shoos: !SSD, Vixen . Taxi to !SSD: .

The take from? Yep. Like in life, when in a relationship you get what you put into it. In five years the person you were/are still with won’t remember what you wore, or what you ate for breakfast, heck some people may not even remember you at all. But for the rest of their life, they will always remember the impact you had on them. True impact will not depend on the time your “other” spent helping you, but will depend on the time and attention you gave to caring for them, the support you share when they were striving for something, and the love and kindness you showered them with on a daily basis. But for me personally? I wish I had driven. I forgot my briefcase.

19 thoughts on “Befuddingly Knackered

  1. Eats a nectarine as I’m reading your crazy antics… this after a long two hour nap. That comeback was veryyyyyyyyyy cheesy. 🙂

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