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I don’t know what the deal is, I suppose it’s been from watching a little too much nightly news, but all this youth violence is really starting to wear heavily on me. Apparently in August three boys in Oklahoma decided to kill an Australian baseball player, why you might ask? Well because they were bored, of course! And don’t think this is an anomaly of a “few bad seeds.” According to NBC News there have been upwards of 200 teenagers that have used chronic boredom as their defense. Who raises these animals anyway? When I was growing up I was pretty bored with school, it wasn’t much of a challenge, but I feared the wrath of not bringing home straight A’s. I can’t imagine the thought of saying, “oh, by the way mum, on the way home I killed a classmate because school was boring today.” How does a child grow to have so little regard for the fragility of human life? These victims aren’t just some dead body, they are someone’s child, parent, brother, uncle (aunt, sister, etc). How do these killers grow up thinking the Earth revolves on its axis around them and they get to pick and choose who gets to live? But honestly? I can’t say I am surprised, most of our children raise themselves these days because there seems to be a lot of selfish parents out there medicating themselves with drugs and alcohol, letting their children make the tough decisions in life, instead of guiding them to responsible, ethical decisions. Somewhere, some time soon, we need to take back control of our families, teach by example, and if you don’t have a good example, don’t become a parent. In most cases it IS a choice to be a parent or not.

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That said, the take from is easy on this one. To you want-to-be killers and inattentive parents. I’m not very old, but through life’s experience I have learned a few things. I have learned that you can do something in an instant that will give you heartache for life. I have learned that sometimes when I’m angry I have the right to be angry, but that doesn’t give me the right to be cruel to others. I have learned that we are responsible for what we do in life; no matter how we feel and boredom is not a viable excuse for murder. Ever. But most of all, I have learned that you should never ruin an apology with an excuse. ‘Ell I can’t think there is an apology for murder, so sit down, shut up and learn about having a real, a mature and a responsible footprint on the Earth, instead ruining the life’s of those about you. I know, I know really high gravity today, but it’s Halloween and somehow that just isn’t about pumpkins and children dressed as ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties anymore, somehow it became about teenagers and adults.

18 thoughts on “I Have Learned

  1. It’s a sad commentary on raising children. When we were bored as children we went outside and built forts out of sheets and tree limbs or created games from our imagination. Of course, we didn’t have hundreds of channels on television, X-Boxes or computers to entertain ourselves. We had to rely on our imagination.

    1. Thanks Peep, i was beginning to think i said too much. But darn it all it ticks me off so bad! I want to make the world a little better place but the foundation has to begin at home. Have fun tonight! Xox

  2. I will add that teens killing someone out of boredom isn’t as new as people think. Look up The Cleveland Elementary School shooting and you will see. People think it happens often now because they pay attention to it more. Sort of like people who think there’s more violence now but there really isn’t. Also, sometimes children will grow up to do bad things regardless of improper or proper upbringing. Not that I’m missing the point or think you don’t have one, just wanted to offer a different view.

  3. There was a time when, as a child, you did nothing wrong without -everyone- in the neighborhood knowing about it. It took a village to raise children. Everyone worked together. And if we were in the wrong, someone was going to tell mom and dad real quick.

    Cao, this has been an argument of mine for a long, long while. When my son was young, I did him exactly as my parents did me…sent him outside to play and be a boy. I was lucky at the time because I lived in a close knit, rural community where you couldn’t sneeze without someone else knowing about it. For that reason, I had that “village” feel while he was a child.

    I look around me today, on the news, in the papers, all over the web. They’re taking away recess, taking away the arts. Parents expect the teachers to raise their children and then when the child gets home, they’re left to fend for themselves and often times their siblings. Our families are disconnected. And the only way to begin to make a change is to start at home. Unfortunately for that to happen, the parents must first see that there is a problem that needs to be fixed. And more often than not it is only when these things, these drastic, heart wrenching, sad losses occur that gets their attention.

    In my opinion, we need that village again. ❤

    1. Hahaha so true! Those catholic nuns are very scary, but when i was in trouble i was more scared of getting home before they called my parents. My most dreaded sentence? “Wait ’til your father gets home” 😉

  4. Yes there was violence before, always, but I think you are right by saying the situation now is worse and I feel the same about it as you do Cao. I was brought up in a little town where everyone knew everything about what’s been going on. News would spread like fire. I don’t remember murder especially not by kids. Lately there’s been mugging, beating up, and some killing – was in a neighbour village and was so horrific people still talk about it years after it happening. It used to be very safe to live there. Now I wouldn’t want to walk alone in the evening like I used to so many times.

    Also what is unusual now is how kids treat their teachers or just adults in general. Since when they are allowed to hit them or swear at them? We feared and respected adults and yes there were bad kids, naughty kids but nobody would hit or swear at an adult! That was after physical punishment’d been banned, not even before! So what’s up now? Are so many – not all – parents really that lazy? I know too well it would be a lot easier to say yes and let my daughter get away with things every time, but I am hopefully raising a good and responsible human being, not some selfish horrible brat. It takes a lot of time and effort, yes. I am not the perfect parent, but at least my partner and I have principals.

    My fear is that my kids (expecting the second daughter) will meet the wrong kind of people who would turn them around and/or be a victim of them. I know it’s an ancient fear but nowadays it seems to be more common than ever.

  5. Little one…

    I love that you are passionate about these things…that you have the courage to stand up and have another voice heard. Don’t stop, don’t EVER stop…you DO make a difference…as we ALL can make a difference…but it starts with caring enough to be courageous and speak up/out. Even if all someone does is put their signature to a petition…it is effecting change. I adore that you are not even a parent and you are still standing up and speaking out.

    I won’t even make assumptions as to the “home” situations for these “bored” youths…but I agree that many of the formative behaviors start in the home environment and the family dynamic….but I equally agree that it also takes a caring society, that is plugged in. We live in a social structure that does not promote taking the time to care about the development of our youth…we have a deplorable, underfunded, antiquated educational system, that sends a strong message to our young that we don’t care about your education. We also live in a society that sends very strong messages that fame, at any price, is the only thing of value.

    Daily the media (especially social media) inundates our youth with messages that bullying, and violence toward others is a way to get attention on an epic scale…add to that how desensitized we have become to violence and it is no wonder that these youths have no clue or care about causing harm or death to another human being…it is truly heart wrenching for everyone. This isn’t about good versus bad or evil…this is about teaching human beings how to be human…how to value themselves and other human beings…how to honor ALL life…we fall woefully short of this.

    I do believe this type of crime is on the rise. Our children need us to care enough to take the time to mentor them in their journey to become the best human being they are meant to be. I’m not a biological parent either…but I don’t live under a rock and I am mindful to make a positive imprint with each child I come into contact with….regardless of how random or brief that contact may be….you never know what kind of difference you can make in a child’s life with one act of kindness or caring. I’m also mindful that children are very attuned to the behavior and speech of adults…I may not be effecting them directly but I am always setting an example with how I conduct myself toward others in their presence.

    Wonderful post my passionate, caring friend….I am honored to know you through this medium. ❤ ❤

    1. I really need to watch that extra dot on my elipsis, and, yes, I know I use far to many out of grammatical context…oh well, it beats smoking as a bad habit 😛

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