Rockabilly Boogie

modannaDress: Modanna, FrouFrou dress **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** . Hairs: Cake, Dakota . Poses: .[Pose+ivity]. **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** .
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Rockabilly is a genre of music which grew out of impromptu jam sessions between musicians in the American South during the early to mid-1950s. Performers in such Southern cities as Memphis, Tennessee or Jackson, Mississippi often performed traditional blues songs in the upbeat style of Texas swing or popular country music. Early rockabilly musicians emulated the emotional vocal stylings of black blues singers, while adding the slap bass and bright pedal guitar sounds of Texas swing and artists like Hank Williams. Drummers also developed a looser rhythm pattern with a strong back beat for the genre.

muniqueOutfit: Munique, Dot Top and Cani Leggins, Dolly Skirt **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** . Hairs: Vanity Hair, Miss Sixty . Glasses: [Glow] Studio, Beechwood . Poses: .[Pose+ivity]. **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** .

While dozens of musicians in the Memphis music scene gained local attention with their new sound, a few were able to take it to a higher level of exposure. A Texas swing band leader named Bill Haley reworked his countrified version of a blues song into a minor single called “Rock Around the Clock.” It contained many of the elements of true rockabilly, but still retained some of its dance band flavor. Only when the song was featured in the movie Blackboard Jungle did it become the country’s introduction to the genre’s sound.

N1co Outfit: N1co, Black Betty **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** . Hairs: Pelle, Agnes **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** . Glasses: Glam Affair, Vintage . Poses: .[Pose+ivity]. **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** .

Don’t miss Second Life’s Rockabilly Fashion Fair, going on November 3rd 2013 through November 23rd!

twins fashionOutfit: *TwinS Fashion, TF*Rockadress **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** . Hairs: Clawtooth, Femme Fatale . Poses: .[Pose+ivity]. **The Rockabilly Fashion Fair** .

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