Catching up and Catching Flies

celoe 2

Well none of my wishes came true, I didn’t win the lottery, get swept off my feet and carried away by a millionaire, or even grow up to be “retired,” so here I sit, I am back at work. *sigh* And I know this may come as a shock, but while I was away, the magic work faerie didn’t so much as move a pencil around my desk. So you guessed it, after three weeks away, I’ve a ton of catching up to do. Light blog today and tomorrow as far as I can tell. But look at it this way. Today’s my Monday and tomorrows my Friday. So who say’s I am a pessimist?

celoe 1I have had this deer in the headlights look all day here at work

I hope you have an amazing day and that it slides gently into the weekend for you! As for me? I’m not quite having fun yet, but I’m getting there.

Hat: Glam Affair, My Little Studded Hat **Collabor88**
Bag: Auxilliary, Old Leather Satchel
Hair: Miamai, NJU **NEW**
Coat: Celoe, Maru coat
Skirt: Mon Tissu, Westberry
Shoos: Miamai, Irene pump
Necklace: RYCA, Gold Coin
Earring: RYCA, Bamboo

18 thoughts on “Catching up and Catching Flies

  1. We’re almost the same being it’s my first day back at the office this week and so it’s my Monday and Friday, because I’m taking tomorrow off. 🙂 Good luck in catching up!

  2. Now, I’m not going to say how old I really am…but I am young enough for quite a few people to be envious that I am retired…so everyday is the weekend for me! WIN! 😛

    Hope your day went quickly and you are not too fatigued from it. ❤ ❤

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