Not for Ourselves are we Born ~ Cicero

Not for Ourselves are we BornCrown: RO . Hair: Boon

Death toll 3,621. Missing 25,000. 900,000 displaced . Not random numbers, real numbers. As our hearts go out to the horror the people of the Philippines are living, all most of us do is watch and listen. $10USD, heck, I reckon thats a trip to the McDonalds these days, isn’t it? ‘Ell, it’s probably three fingers of a manicure. The question is, do we choose to watch and listen in horror, have our nails done and eat our fast food? Or do we choose to help? I think it quite honest to say, noone has ever become poor by giving. Ever. Yet as a whole, most of us choose to set back and rest in relief that it didn’t happen to us, it happened a world a way. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not preaching, I myself have immunized myself to the grief of others at times, but this time? I can’t. It takes so very little to help. I’ve a friend, Fuzz Lennie, who was directly affected by this storm. She created two shirts (male and female) she is selling for 100L to create awareness of her country’s plight and raise funds to be donated directly to the Red Cross in the Philippines. 100L’s. Please go buy a shirt, take a picture and post it to FB, flickr, or your blog. It’s 100L’s. No one has ever become poor by giving, because when you give, it’s you that receives the gain.

Not for Ourselves are we BornShirt: Typhoon Haiyan shirt female . Short: Overhigh . Jewelry: Mandala .

The thing is, if you don’t feel comfortable giving in Second Life, there still is no excuse. There are so many ways to give. Heck, besides donating to Fuzz’s cause directly, I gave right on my cell phone (AT&T) and the $10 dollars is just added to my cell-phone bill. Nothing more than a movement of a finger, now thats lazy giving. But here are some more ways (and only just a few!):

Second Life donation w shirt:
World Food Programme:
Philippine Red Cross:
American Red Cross:
Doctor’s wo Borders:
Internations Rescue Committee:

Take from? Yep. We do a lot of serving of ourselves in this day and age, especially in the US. I somehow don’t think a life should be destined to create a world of “it’s all about me,” if it were, how do we explain the other guy with that same thought process? At times we can be selfish and focus on ourselves, but I reckon at other times we need to balance the world and spend time to focus on others because more happiness can be found when self-lessly helping those that really, truly need you. Just my wooden nickle, for what it’s worth to you. Happy weekend! I think for this date night I’m going sans nail polish and laying off the cheeseburger.

9 thoughts on “Not for Ourselves are we Born ~ Cicero

  1. Thank you once again for sharing ways to give. A RL friend of mine is Filipino and while her family in Manila are all ok, I made a donation to the Red Cross to help those who have been so horribly effected. Yes, it feels like so little and it didn’t make me feel good – a few dollars is a drop in the bucket for what is needed to help the people of the Philippines try to put their lives back together.

  2. The last thing I did before I left for vacation was buy a 1k shirt and the first thing I did when I got to my destination was give and I will continue to give at every opportunity. I wish I had had time to style and post the shirt but I must depend on others to do that as I am away, just as the people of the Philippines will need to depend on us. I am depending on all of you. Love you lil Cao, see you soon

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