The Intertwining of All Things

The Intertwining of All ThingsHair: Purple Moon, Exa . Headpiece: Miamai, MahiMahi **The Golden Thread** .

Due to real life, I was unable to take part in Miamai’s 2013 Black Label event, the Golden Thread but I know the show went on and was just as enthralling as I blogged it would be. How do I know? Because it is just such a part of my instinctual journey in life. Some people call moments of miracles serendipity, but to me, there is no happenstance, all things have a deep seeded birth within our soul. And just as we all have our spiritual journeys, this yin and yang within us gives birth to all things within our world, there is an interconnection, a correlation betwixt all we see, know and touch and even some things we don’t even know exists. Yes, I know, too much concept for a Cao to possibly express, but that’s the beauty of being spiritual, oft you don’t have to understand, you just have to let it be.

The Intertwining of All ThingsDress/Wings: Miamai, Elapse (worn without underskirt) **The Golden Thread** .

A golden thread whispers quietly through our lives, intertwining with those we are destined to meet, passing by those who mean nothing more than a moments glance along our travels. It brings rain on our heads, sunshine to our faces, the shade of a tree to dapple our skins with light. But through all things, if you look close enough, you see the whimsy hidden all about you. The grand design of nature as art. Look at the majesty of a tree, hear it rustling it’s leaves with a gentle breeze, it’s old gnarled bark a romance of textures, the sun tickling through the limbs trying to kiss the ground beneath, who could see a tree and feel absolutely nothing? Life is uncertain but the golden thread, it leads and guides us to our individual destiny’s. Will you settle for what is safe and mundane? Or will you forage on and let your greatness bloom, prospering your life with the wonder of possibility? Nelson Mandela once said, “Once a person is determind to help themselves, nothing can stop them.” How? Sounds kinda hard doesn’t it? I’ve got a new mirror post-it for you (write it on a post it and stick it on your mirror). Start each day with a new belief, breathe it in and hold it close to your heart, you are not a solitary figure in this world, your golden thread will bring you in to the proximity of many people who will touch you, some painfully, some with guidance and some with love. How do I know this? Because I truly believe, life doesn’t happen TO you, it happens FOR you. You have the power to choose which path your feet follows.

The Intertwining of All ThingsBoots: Miamai, Karya .

Take from? Yep, it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t throw it in. Learning to live with uncertainty is one of the hardest things we do in our life-time and you aren’t uncertain one time and it’s over. Uncertainty will creep into your life over and over and you will have to continually re-learn how to cope. Just remember, there is also something deeply beautiful about uncertainty: it gives you the possibility of optimism, of hope. If the golden thread that creates the story of you truly isn’t written yet, who’s to say it won’t end well and beyond your wildest dreams? Just my wooden nickle on it, take it for what its worth to you. ❤

Excellent video of The Golden Thread by Forren Ashford

14 thoughts on “The Intertwining of All Things

  1. Once upon a time, when I first moved to Santa Barbara, I lived in a house where there was a beautiful cactus; just outside my window. I was told it was a night blooming cactus and that it would only bloom for one day…perhaps two if we were fortunate. I waited patiently for days…and just when I thought I would miss it…I happened to wake in the middle of the middle of the night…just in time to see it starting to open up. I was captivated and did not move. As the soft moonlight faded and the sun started its slow ascent…the cactus flower bloomed to its full beauty. It died two days later…but there was something so enchanting about the experience.

    My point, in relating this story to you, is to say I agree…life is full of uncertainty and magic. When we learn to breath and live more consciously…we come to understand it is all woven together with the golden thread…it is what makes life such a deep beautiful ocean of possibility.

    Your masterful prose reminded me of this rare evening…watching a cactus flower issue forth, petal by petal, the most delicate bloom. The waiting, anticipation, uncertainty, being conscious, the intangible, the power of believing in magic…golden threads woven together…issuing rare blooms to grace our lives; through your beautiful words.

    Thank you ❤ ❤

    1. that must have been one of the most amazing experiences. I think flowers are God’s little folly, they are so unexplainable. Thanks for your lovely words as well, you said much better what I was trying to explain. ❤ ❤

  2. Sooo Cutiful today Cao ❤ you already know where my heart and head are at so I will leave the beautiful prose to you. It was a beautiful flowing read and I want to know when/ where I can pick up the whole book:-) Love you girlie

  3. WOW! Hands down your best blog EVER!!! The emotion, the message, the feeling, and yes, the styling. What I love about sublime writers is they can paint a visual image with words. Thank you for truly understanding the power and glory of the human soul, and most importantly sharing it with us!

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