Enthusiasm For Life

Enthusiasm for LifeHair: Amacci, Klara Free *PEACE ON EARTH HUNT* . Jewelry: Exquisite, Falling Hearts set free *Peace On Earth Hunt* . Shoulder Pieces: Zibska, La Vie En Deaux **Gothmas by Gaslight* http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sium/189/225/1002 .

As you go about your travels and get closer and closer to the holiday, please take a moment to think about others. Whether it’s to drop penny’s in the bucket of a bellringer (Salvation Army) as you exit a store, or just to phone someone you know will be alone. Sometimes it’s the littlest of inconveniences that truly mean the most. So when you are buying “things,” toys that will eventually go unused, clothes that may or may not be liked, electronic gadgets that will be obsolete in a year or so, as you go about and pour your money into these endless unfulfilling voids, stop and think a moment. Could money be better spent? How about adopting an elephant? ( http://www.saveelephant.org/ ) or inworld, Eliza Wierwight Link How about throwing a gift to the JimmyV Organization where 100% of you donation funds cancer research? (www.jimmyv.org ) Shoot, I’d reckon most have forgotten about Typhoon Haiyan, think about their struggles daily, they probably forgot all about the holidays just trying to survive. How about sending them the gift of hope for Christmas? ( http://www.salvationarmy.org/phl ) I’m sure any of these charities would appreciate the help and I guarantee, your gift to them would never become obsolete, unused, unwanted, or discarded.

Enthusiasm for LifeOutfit: Mohna Lisa Couture, Allure free *Peace On Earth Hunt* . Shoos: Miamai, Natur’A *L’Accessoires* .

We so often say someone is going to “get what they deserve” when they act badly. But the truth is it works with kindness too. Did you know research shows when you are kind to others, even if it’s just to acknowledge them with a “hallo,” it’s been shown to not only increase their happiness, but yours as well. More importantly though, kindness is contagious, so the person you were kind to is more likely to “pay it forward” to the next guy and so on and so forth. You plant a seed of kindness, the roots take hold, the limbs spread out further and further, along the way new trees of kindness are formed. Just imagine how wonderful the world would be if we lived in a forest shaded by comfort and kindness.

Enthusiasm for LifeOutfit/Hair: Irodori, Harmony, free *Peace on Earth Hunt* . Tree/Blocks: Zen Creations, Peace on Earth tree scene, free *Peace on Earth Hunt* . Other decorations: (tree/sleigh/bags) Storax Tree, Potted Holiday tree/Holiday Delivery/Crazy Holiday Bags/Winter Rug .

Take from? Yes, in the words of Coach Jimmy V, a NC State coach who lost his battle with cancer, “you have to have an enthusiasm for life. You have to have a dream, a goal. And you have to be willing to work for it. But most of all, don’t give up. Don’t ever give up.” Well, I have a dream, a goal and I won’t ever give up, even though it is a lofty dream. In my lifetime I have a goal of saving the elephants, curing cancer and helping others. And this holiday I hope to make my dream infectious. Because you know what’s infectious during the holidays? Kindness, hope, generosity, gratitude, forgiveness, and faith. Life isn’t perfect, but sometimes, just sometimes, if we don’t ever give up, all will work out for the best. You just have to have faith.

7 thoughts on “Enthusiasm For Life

  1. You are so very right Cao. Giving does enrich your life. I am not a woman of large means but I give each and every chance I get. Here we have people that get a permit to panhandle at the stop lights , I have never seen anything like it. As I said I do not have a ton of money myself so I have to pick and choose who to donate to when All I would like to do is say here take it. Anyway for the street solicitors I only donate to the ones that are obviously disabled vets . I am sure the homeless guy needs money too and I feel bad that i don’t give to them to but as a casino dealer I have seen some of these same homeless people in the casino gambling and they have more cash than I do. I don’t feel quite so bad for that particular person but for the rest that he has given us the impression they are all that way and it is so not true. I got a little off topic there for a sec lol. I was going to say, I probably give between 8 and 10% of everything I make to charity. The month of December is great for spending an extra dollar or 10 at the checkout for various charities feed a smile is one. So as you said your life is richer if you help other realize a dream. The dream of eating a meal all the way to a cure for Cancer Aids Alzheimer’s. There are so many worthy causes I could not possibly name them all. Also, I have not forgotten about the Philippines, we just had a T-shirt sale at the casino to raise more funds. Sometimes it starts with an awareness campaign but even then where it really starts is in our hearts. I still remember 2005 like it was yesterday when so many came from all over to help us on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Our food was dropped by helicopter and it was called MRE’s, people came from all over the United states to help and I would do the same for them. Love you Doll Face ❤

    1. yes, I know you would not forget others, your heart is so big Spirit. I think I should have included the Wounded Warrior Project.. so let me put it here: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

      As for the people in the medians, I once went and bought a hamburger and took it to one, and he answered, “whats this for? I probably make more money in a day then you make in a week” lol sooooOOooo nope, not helping him with his greed. 😉 Thanks Spirit! ❤

  2. How many of your family members actually need what you send them for the holidays. Not the children. The children need the magic of the holidays. But the rest… are they able to buy what they really need and then some? I began asking this question after all of the nieces and nephews reached the age of 15. If you’ve tried to buy for a young lady or man between the age of 14 and 99, you’ll know why I decided to think in other directions at this point. The thing is, if they really don’t need it, or really don’t like it, what is it we’ve exchanged? An idea? That’s the best answer I could attain in my own little world. I accept that this is not always the case, by the way. I have had a brother out of work in the past and when I sent items, I sent a little something for him and his wife, different than I would in other years. But the thing is, I really began to look at this world we share about 15.5 years ago as I joined the internet revolution in which the world shrank overnight and I could chat with people in Hong Kong, Ukraine and Portugal as easily as I could other people from the US, and wow what a huge country the US is also. I think the world grew smaller for a reason and opened my eyes to the global existence of all of us. In the interim, between the children growing up and my own experiences in cyberspace, I made a decision and do it to this day. Like when a family says “In lieu of flowers please donate to…” at a funeral, I began to look at the world and how it needed donations, and how much more it needed ‘stuff’ then my many family members. It’s a blessing to have family stable and settled. I know this. While they’re stable and settled, I’m going to continue to find ways to touch the world, and in that, donate and share it with my family. Most places say you can donate in someone else’s name. My niece who’s had juvenile diabetes since she was 12 and struggled with it as a teen makes me aware of how much more research the world needs on this topic so in that family’s name I donate to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. It’s not too hard to find some subject each family relates to and then a place to donate. Be wise, safe and knowledgeable as you give and enjoy the knowledge that this season you shared something with people who sincerely needed whatever it is you’re able to send. It will change your world, and others’ as well.

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