35 Elephants

Come on, we can do it. It’s just 35 Elephants. We are almost half way there. Won’t you help sponsor one today?

35 elephants
Comments from Eliza Wierwight: “…. my Immersive “35 Elephants” also featuring the photography of the indomitable Lek Chailert, founder of the Save Elephant Foundation. Also thanks to Linden Endowment of the Arts for providing SIM space for me to pull this together over the last few days. Opens officially 21st December at 11.30am Pacific Standard Time, benefit Concert performed live on cam & screened at the event by the wonderful Joaquin Gustav, with 100% proceeds of course to Save Elephant Foundation.

35 Elephant

she continues, “I’m not getting all vigilante about this, rather emphasize the positive. There’s a place in our cognition to recognize wrongs in any stance, I guess it’s how we choose to address the revelation after that fact. Promoting awareness and cold hard cash directed to those in the front lines seems a reasonable reaction”

Please stop and visit, I did yesterday. It is a moving, heart wrenching exhibit. Taxi: 35 Elephants – Eliza Wierwight – Lek Chailert, LEA4 (137, 184, 30)

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