LovableOutfit/Hat: Leezu!, Saphire **NEW** . MakeUp: HMAEM, Otero . Hairs: Tram, A816 .

Are you? To me, it’s tough to tell at times, most people say I am, so I assume it to be true, but oft I am so cranky I wonder how can it possibly be? At the heart of our personality, our very essence of soul, is the need to feel that we have a sense of being lovable, even when displaying our worst behavior. Why should we have to ever qualify for acceptance? But in reality we kinda do. In my mind I know even the most obtuse of creatures is loved by at least someone, I suppose in a way, someone even loved Hitler and he was, by all accounts, a monster. So why should we ever feel we are unlovable?

LovableThis gown is so 3D it looks just as gorgeous when you leave a room

You aren’t, you know. I have love, or at the least acceptance, for all of you, my stalwart passer’s-by. I couldn’t imagine spending a day without you, even if it is just a blip of showing up, getting counted. But perhaps that is my fatal flaw, I expect attention and adoration. Well I don’t “expect” it, but I sure like it. Does that make me vain, or does it make me, like most of us, in need of validation that we are lovable? Self-esteem is made up primarily of two things: feeling lovable and feeling capable. I certainly feel capable enough, I work, I live, I love, I am a good citizen to this Earth. The davil of the detail is in the feeling lovable, don’t you think?

LovableI like Leezu!s new offering so much I even included the Taxi for you: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/LeeZu/145/128/22

The take from? I’m not sure, I was thinking about how we are always loved and accepted by those we call family, (even the friend type family), and sometimes we are even loved and accepted by strangers. I like those kinds of lovabler’s (or would it be love-enabler’s) the most, they are such self-less acts of kindness. But where I think I was going on this blog, was to the grocery store, because in my core I believe the most important step to being loved is to love others. So I am going to wander off to see how many selfless acts of kindness I can give to others this holiday season. That is what the season is about, isn’t it? I think I read that somewhere in my journey through life. I hope you receive many acts of kind hearted love today and have a peaceful weekend!

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