Simple Fool

Simple FoolHeadpiece/Collar/Lashes: Pure Poison, Maleficent **NEW** .

Don’t really have much to say today, it’s New Year’s Eve eve afterall. I reckon it’s kinda like holding a shoo by the tip of a finger and watching it teeter there until it soundly plops on the floor. I’m not really a fool, but I am a simple person, not simple in intelligence, but more in form. I can’t handle too much complication in life, I’m too skittish about living as it is, add complication and I’m out of here. But there is one thing I do know, Charlie Chaplain once educated me with the quote,”Failure is unimportant, it takes courage to make a fool of yourself.” I’ve been failing and wallowing in foolery ever since.

Simple FoolGown: Desir, Addiction **NEW** .

Take from? You never succeed by sitting on your arse and doing nothing. If you try, sure you may look like an idjit, but who knows, you may end up looking like Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, or ‘ell, if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t mind being just me. But I won’t let the word “no” keep me from suceeding at being the me I want to be, because in my book, living your life by your own terms is the definition of success. Heck, don’t get me wrong, but I’ll be honest, I think the reason my life has a modicum of success is because I have failed so often. In my first life and my second one. The secret is, don’t be scared of life, get out there and live it, because dimes to donuts, whatever you fear in trying is bound to happen anyway, but just imagine how you will feel on that 99th time, when you actually succeed. Just something to think about while you make out that list of New Year’s resolutions, take it for what its worth to you.

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