FiestyHair: DURA, Boy&Girl 50 **NEW** . Hair Base: 99Elephants . Glasses: HMAEM, SoliDea FoliEs Luxury glasses .

Well, Cao is anxious, so dimes to donuts, it must be a date night. I’d like to chat but, erm, I’ve kinda gone to ‘ell in real life this past month. So it’s off to a financial meeting with my mum and then to the salon for some color, cut, maybe a little wax and a good buffing to make me shiny as new. ‘Cause tonight there won’t be any drinking for me because it’s gonna be a fancy night and Peep can attest, on Spanx ( ) night, going to the loo can get downright noisy and testy. Seriously! Have you ever tried to pull those things up? Dang.

FiestyDress: HMAEM, Viperos **NEW** . Belt: Diram, chain belt . Handbag: HMAEM, Cage bag . Bracelets: HMAEM, Aztec bangles . Boots: Bax, Regency Boot **NEW** .

Take from? But of course, it’s me, isn’t it? Yay! 2013 is over so lets create a memorable 2014. I’m going to begin to do just that, starting tonight. I hope your weekend is an amazing surprise of happiness, love, and hidden laughter. Heck, I’m feeling so feisty I might even start a pillow fight later. Who knows? But it’s a leaning that way… I loved this look so much I even included the taxi’s for you. Yeah, I’m kinda a groovy chick like that!

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