Blank White Pages

Blank White Pages Hair: D!va, Daisy . Headband: RO (Remarkable Oblivion), Briar Bow .

Lately I’ve been feeling a little let down by someone very close to me in SL. I couldn’t figure out what the feeling was, but last night, in that sleepy little twilight betwixt awake and sleep, I sure reckoned it out. I’ve been feeling as if what I went through in December was unimportant in her life. But the thing is, though I love her dearly, I’m mature enough to know I don’t really have to be important in her world for her to be important in mine. But it got me to thinking; a lot of the problems in this world would disappear if we could learn to talk TO each other instead of ABOUT one another. Or worse yet, to suffer silently in the pain of miscommunication, so right now, I want to talk.

Blank White Pages Dress: Desir, Ania **NEW** .

And I blame Steele Sirnah for this, he started it this morning on Facebook. So if you see him, tickle his ribs from a Lil Cao. There comes a time in all of our lives when we need to learn to walk away from all the drama in the world, which includes those who create it. I used to say to look intelligent I surround myself with brilliant people, I still do at times. But for the most part, I surround myself with people who are happy and make me smile and laugh. Is it a crime? ‘ell no, it’s called the pathway to living life in abundance. Love the people who treat you right, but don’t hate the ones who don’t, they can’t help their fatal flaws. Besides, the garbage they send out? It tends to echo back onto them. Forget the bad that happens to you, it can only weight you down, but remember, embrace tightly the good, savor it, appreciate every bit of it, because you never know when things will be that good again. Because that time, that one great time? It may be the only thing to keep your soul warm for a long line of brutally cold days.

The take from? Yep. Every day you begin with a new blank page, what you choose to write is entirely up to you, you are the creative author of your own destiny. And every single day, do something. Maybe even just one something, that will inch you towards a better tomorrow. Move forward, if you fall backwards, dust off those big girl knickers, git on up, and move forward again. It is within you the power to change, to make difficult decisions, to stay or to walk away. I don’t know, from just about any view in the room, life is good.

9 thoughts on “Blank White Pages

  1. I recently came across these words and was reminded how true they are.. “You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life.” So I’m with you 100% on surrounding yourself with happy people that laugh, smile and enjoy life despite the hardships they may encounter. Thanks for that reminder. 🙂

  2. I;m one of your happy peeps too. I avoid negative persons like a plague and never hate, Hating someone gives them power over you and you actually have too think about them to hate eeeeek, don’t want none of that. Also as far as drama shhhhhhhhhh we don’t want no Drama. Drama equals Negative and what was my first sentence. Love you lil Cao,,,you look like a doll today. Ok going to try to think up something I can blame on Steele too:=)

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