One Should Never Consider Other Blogs

One Should Never Consider Other Blogs

Okay, so as a whole, my day was going along just fine. But, well, then I decided to take a fateful break from RL working. I have no one to blame but me for peeking, though I think part of me wants to blame my dear friend, Shae Sixpence. ( ) Trust me, I’m not in the habit of looking at other people’s arses, especially women’s arses, but this was just too wow not to notice. Thanks Shae, you made me shop! And at 1200L’s it was a major investment for me. I somehow, luckily, survived the Phat Azz and Lola’s craze, both being way too large for my skinny arse frame, but I can’t say I am not enhanced any longer. Ah well, it was bound to happen eventually, I suppose. Looky der, Draakje Dailey, I have a tushy worthy of any spandex or lingerie clad fashion show you choose to deal out. How’s that for one bodacious booty? I can throw a selfie just like a Kardashian! 😉

Hairs: (chemistry), Sirena
Corset: Angel Dessous, Lara
Knickers: *MC* (Mon Cheri), Flirtini
Bum: **, Cute Azz **NEW**
Skin: Glam Affair, Magenta Asia

38 thoughts on “One Should Never Consider Other Blogs

  1. I’d like a sweeter looking bum too, but wow I can’t even bring myself to buy SLink feet. I suppose I will though since I see so many awesome shoes that require them. Problem is, there are (at least) 3 different ones: flat, medium, and high 😦
    If you or any of your readers could give me sage advice I’d sure love that!

    1. I wear Gos flat foots most of the time, why? because they have my skin designers tone and I am almost always barefoot, like here. But I love and blog Miamai shoos, for which I wear the Slink Mid. The bum was more a lark as a joke between me and one of my besty’s Draakje Dailey, so it’s kind of a luxury purchase. As for the Slink Mids? I just gifted you a pair. ❤ thank you Monerda for stopping by and commenting. 😀

    2. I firmly believe that one of the best things you can choose to spend your money on are the Slink feet and Hands. I too wear Gos a lot and love his products tremendously. However, more and more people are making shoes for Slink. With the introduction of the high feet so many more will be coming from designers to include Miamai as well!

      1. hello again Shae! tysm for that advice and I thoroughly enjoyed the photography seminars that you held a while back with Model’s Workshop 🙂

      2. Oh youre very welcome! Happy to help! A while back? Try almost three years! Bwahaha! Man its been a while. Keep a look out at the workshop though. Ill be making a special appearance soon!

  2. No, no, no, NOOOOOOO! I had resigned myself to the fact that I couldn’t have the arse I wanted and still fit into a standard mesh size. I hate the Phat Azz (too big) but this…well, Cao, I just *might* have to take the plunge. Appliers? System clothes? Arghhhhhh! This is NOT the dilemma I wanted to have to deal with before my first cup of coffee is finished :p

      1. Ultra! My graphics were turned all the way up. When I clicked down one little notch it went away. And really.. Who trots around SL with their graphics on ultra anywho?

  3. Haha snapped some up myself 😉 What’s cool about these is any Phat Azz appliers work with them – so if your skin maker makes appliers for your skin, you can use them with these too ^^

    1. very interesting to know. oh wait, you know I knew that, but didn’t even think to say it. big duh Cao… I used my glam affair skin for this shoot and just used the appliers that were with it. I bet they were for Phat Azz. I remember I did the Lola’s first, but it couldn’t find anything worth applying to the front 😉 Thanks Miele <333

  4. SO…you too have gone to the dark side…

    I’m determined not to get one, yet, because none of my houses and furnitures need azz addons. But that woman? That Shae? She MADE me look at that post. And when I went all snobbity snob and say azzes don’t do physics (I was desperate for a defense), she quashed it by showing me a gif with booty wobbles.

    That woman is evil. You are too, with that azz.

    BRB. Have to go repent from my sinful thoughts of needing to buy that azz…

    1. Dont you try it! There is no need for any azz addins for houses and furnitures! Maybe for the Phat Azz.. Yanno wider doors and what not but the narrow’d version is lovely! C’mon! Yanno ya wanna! Wobble wobble wobble!

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