Forgiving Ralph Lauren

I can’t help it, at times the most random things tweak my angst and ire and truly get my dander up and in the end I just end up torqued off beyond measure. But the things is, being angry and resentful at a person is kinda like drinking a poison and waiting for it to kill the other person. Because all those bad acids don’t effect them a’tall, the only person slowly dying from it is YOU. Heck, dimes to donuts the other person, having moved on, probably either doesn’t know, or doesn’t care that you are angry.

Forgiving Ralph LaurenOutfit Based on an outfit shown on Downton Abbey. All photos created by Natzuka Miliandrovic

I know it’s difficult, but just know, letting go, the act of forgiveness, is not accepting the bad behavior of another, it’s merely choosing to not worry about it or make it important to you any longer. Unless that person truly repents, you don’t have to forgive THEM, just agree to forgive their sin and move on. Period. You don’t have to miraculously trust in them again, you just have to say, I am untying myself from the shackle of what you did and it’s not my problem to own any longer. What do we get from responding to their hatred with love? Well, turns out, quite a bit. In fact studies have shown forgiveness is one of the key factors to longevity and good health. So though they may not deserve your forgiveness, YOU deserve to be free from their evil dead weight.

Forgiving Ralph Lauren

The take from? It’s, as is usual, in the title. I am going to forgive evil with kindness. I have loved Ralph Lauren’s style my entire life, even as child. I love the classic detailing, I love the regimented with the feminine, I love the classicness of its American style. ‘ell, I reckon I love the polo pony too. Lately though, I’ve especially grown fond of his collection created for Masterpiece Theatres “Downton Abbey.” I think you probably wonder what in the world Lauren could possibly have done to make me so angry and its simple really. He outfitted the United States 2012 Olympic team in outfits made in China. In essense, he took an event where country’s take pride in their athletes and their country and he undermined our pride in the event but also in the process took part in a trade policy which in reality has cost the US the loss of countless jobs. But it’s time. I won’t hold the poison in any longer. Ralph Lauren, I forgive you.


Hat: MiWardrobe, Russian Hat **NEW**
Earrings: Paper Couture, Cannet Chandelier earrings
Ring: House of Fox, Forever Young ring
Stole, [LWL} Ladies Who Lunch, Vegan Leatherette mink stole
Gown: Gizza, Anna
Gloves, Mimikri, cuffed glove
Hair: Tram

5 thoughts on “Forgiving Ralph Lauren

  1. Amazing pictures.. love the variations of my favorite color blue with the outfit. I am still not in a forgiving mood on that one. 🙂

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