Silk Purse From a Sow’s Ear

Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear

Or how one man can singlehandedly ruin his own business. I thought I was done with this topic. I could have just let it go, and I will, I promise, as soon as I hit publish on this one. Yeah I am back to contests, but not designer contests but those really big ones. There are so many good ones out there, Color of Couture and Miss Virtual World, I believe them to be quality and I am sure there are others. But of these two, I was a part of one of them so I am sure I can give an opinion there without too many trolls roping me up, because afterall this blog generally IS just my opinion. However, there is another contest of this sort, they came along about a year or two ago and honestly? It has me perplexed. So I am going to post this blog this way. If you just want to be the crown of just anything, not necessarily something of value, then try out for any crown that comes along. Go for it! If you want to be a model with staying power, try out for an event that has longevity, a good reputation, and pulls their models forward, not has their event and then disappears into their hovel until next year. And really, shouldn’t the person judging you have some sort of experience in modeling? I’ve never seen the first day of this CEO’s fashion career, actually never heard of him until last year, what exactly ARE his credentials to run this contest? Because I can find any random avatar, pay them 50L’s to run a Miss Meta-Carpal Wonder of the World Queen contest pick me the winner and tada, I just saved a lot of time, bullying and Lindens. If the crown isn’t a respected one in the Fashion industry, do you still want to pursue it? Because heck, if you just want a crown, go to one of the many jeweler’s inworld, (Chop Zuey and Finesmith have gorgeous ones) buy one, and proclaim yourself the Queen of all Things Pink and Sparkly.


Why does this particular contest have me perplexed? In the beginning, I was all for it, it seemed a grand scheme. I had no desire to try out, I am retired, but I thought it would add a refreshing touch, a new venue for upcoming models. But it turned out, the problem wasn’t the concept, it was the CEO. He has this problem, he opens his mouth. I remember like it was yesterday he posted a 10 or so item FB post titled something like, “How not to be picked a [insert pageant name here] contestant” and then preceded to not offer helpful advice, but chose to make fun of, demean and degrade the contestants who had entered the contest already. I was appalled at his lack of tact and at this point quit following any part of the contest. Because the thing is, I get it, I truly do, you love contests and you want to be a winner, but seriously, how can a person with such an abrasive personality help you in your career in any way? If he has strategic contacts with anyone in the industry, I sure don’t see it. In fact, he is burning strategic bridges right and left in FB right this very moment. Myself included. If he shows professionalism, it’s sporadic at best and at one point he even sent the following notice group wide. I think this was right about the time I left the group.

“What? Brendan and Michela both got fired for having nude pix of themselves on their Flickr? … not gonna happen people. So you want to play games? Really? the only one you will hurt this way is yourself… I can promise you that. Anyone caught purporting garbage like what Cilla and Miele have given me today and trying to get our Mr Metaverse dethroned (I can promise you that will NEVER happen) it is just petty that any of you would try and pull this. ANYONE digging for dirt on our winners and trying to get them dethroned will have my boot so far up their ass their grandchildren will feel it. Now there is a small handful of you who seem intent on hiding but playing games. Nothing is going to happen The nudes that Brendan and Micki posed for were not only art, but were in cultural classes and taken LONG before they competed. Let me find out your names and that’s it. You have something to say about wither of our winners bring it to my face. Now stop acting like children and grow up !!! SO disappointed in those of you doing this… disgusting tactics !!!”(after the tirade he did indeed dethrone Michela abruptly. I am not sure of the male as he isn’t a friend of mine)

Seriously though, what are we? Like, two? And who exactly is acting like a child and not a CEO? I’d be surprised if the winners can get the crown and throne away from him long enough to even wear it. So you go ahead, try out. If you want that is. And lest you think I am upset he deleted me as a friend from Facebook, because he started castrating yet another model in public instead of by IM and somehow he took offense to my comment that he “needed to get a spin doctor for his mouth.” Um, no. I’m not upset. He actually saved me from having to learn how to mute him. But that said, I think my friend Isoldel summed it up pretty dam good and with personal knowledge and courage right here:

So, if this is the way you want YOUR career to go for a crown, I say do eet! That said, I believe I am now done speaking about contests. I hate writing these kinds of blogs, and I’ve done two this week. I’m tired. Sungyoung is so worried about me she is throwing pink sprinkly cupcakes at me trying to talk me down from the ledge. My advice, surround yourself with the good contests, agency’s and models and you will always be a winner. Considering I’ve won only one contest, I think I did pretty good because it’s the networking that brings you to the upper echelon, not a crown. As for this contest? Just goes to show, you truly can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear. At least thats my opinion on it anyway, take it for what it’s worth to you.

25 thoughts on “Silk Purse From a Sow’s Ear

  1. Omg! I just spit coffee. Shhhhh keep that to yourself lil one. That was some post thankfully I have never tried out for that event, it’s not what I am about and I am usually pretty damn picky about entering things. I do wish there were more shows cuz I got all this walking stuff down and I love to style so lets all do some walking. Ok, maybe not all of us but some for sure. Been very quiet these days, thanks for the post and I’ll have one of those sprinkly thingies. Hugs you tightly on the way out ❤

  2. Originally i debated responding to this and then decided not to, and now I changed my mind. I had the Unfortunate pleasure to be part of the administration team, and a co-owner for said event, Thankfully I have cut all ties with said event and organization. And one thing I can tell you from the inside, The initial intent of the contest was a good idea. But as Iso said, things did change in the middle. The CEO did in fact change things, things were not discussed as a group as he had said they would be in the beginning. He also did not listen to all of his Admins/Co-owners when we said something. It was in fact a huge mess. I have encouraged people who thought of competing in this contest not to, because they would not get treated fairly. When the new year comes up, and you have your admins from last year trying out to get into the competition, you can throw all fairness out of the window. I am truly ashamed to have been part of the events creation and actually encouraging him to do so.

    1. So looky there, he HAD a spin doctor for his mouth all along, you. His big ego and uneducated mouth wouldn’t allow him to use it properly. Trust me, as I said, in the beginning I was all in and thought it a refreshing new change for newer models, so you were not the only one fooled and I seriously doubt anyone can blame you for the sins of someone else. ❤ Thanks for your honestly. 🙂

      1. You know if i can keep other people from getting hurt by this with my own honesty of the inside practices at least of last year of this pageant then I will do my best.
        Thank you Cao

  3. Omgooosssshhh! Someone says it!!! THANK GOD! Yes yes yes Cao! I took part in “said” contest last year and this guy acts like hes helping you but its all about the L for him! I got voted out at prelims and voted back in, all because a judge with no experience was dating my ex! And then said Owner explodes in my IM’s because he was breaking his own rules! I saw NO more!!! Sorry I been biting my tongue for too long it hurts 😛

  4. Cao, here’s to you for making me laugh! I love how in-your-face this post was and yet simplified all of your emotions oh so eloquently. I had almost forgotten that silly list he had made in the beginnings of the pageant and darn it, I wish I had copied it! It was so ridiculous!

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