I love unique things that not everyone has. I believe its all about how you wear an outfit, not how much it costs or where it’s from. Elegance is the key. ~ Sasha Jackson

soignéHair: Dura, Boy/Girl #47 . Earrings: Kungler’s, Lexie **L’Accessoires** . Neckpiece: Zibska, Manna (color-change!) .

I’m going to act a little spoiled today. I mean, heck, can’t I be entitled to be once in 360 odd blog posts a year? I typically try to cheer people up, but what has happened has me a little flummoxed to say the least. I blame a friend of mine, last week on FB he told me I seem a little dark lately, that he could see it in my pictures. I assured him I am far from dark at the moment, but, the seed had been planted and it’s done nothing but fester there recently. It doesn’t help that I am direly worried for a friend who most definitely IS in a dark place, so that just adds to this “heap” on my shoulder’s. What bugged me enough to blog about it? My spoiled nature of course! You don’t have to be overly close to me to know that I have a real problem with Collabor88. Don’t get me wrong, I love the incredible designers, the prices and the selection. But there are two little niggling things that bother my business sense. Now those close to me DO know, business and marketing, yeah, thats MY thing. I’d say it’s my obsession really. *Points to the College logo on the right column*

One problem I have is customer control. i.e. At Collabor there isn’t any. I don’t know what vindictiveness inhabits a person’s soul, but when I finally DO get to the event, there is always a handful of people camping there. Remember when camping was big? Probably around 2007 or so. You’d pay newbies to come park on your SIM to give it artificial traffic? Although that is no longer necessary, Collabor always seems to have them for some odd reason, I assume it’s just to keep buying customer’s out. And they aren’t silent bystander’s they contantly spam in open chat making the rez time excruciatingly painful. Excruciatingly. So..darn..painful. You would think it would be easy to tell these people from paying customers, when they spam, it gives their name in public chat. Click, Boot. So easy a Cao could do it.

soignéDress & Purse: Designer’s Name [could have been here], Gorgeous color, no? I used muh color wheel!.

But, in all that? That’s the least of my worries. My biggest worry goes back to spoiled me. Why not? Can’t I worry about me just this once? I won’t say I’m entitled, I’ll just ask for a mute mouth for this one blog post. I really wanted to blog something I saw on a couple of blogs (which already makes it old product in my eye, but I had it all styled in my head and its festering there). I contacted a designer’s assistant AND the designer to ask if I could PAY them directly for the outfit so I could blog it since I’ve tried since Saturday to get in Collabor88 and can’t get in. I mean to me this is a marketing 101 boon, someone not only willing to advertise your product to their followers, but is also willing to PAY to do it. Way to go, and the win goes one! Because I received no response from the designer and this was the response from the Assistant “Hi there! Sadly we can’t do this because so many are trying to get inside event so if we do it for you we would have to do it for everyone 😦 Please be patient – as time goes on the traffic will die down I’m sure!”…. really? Um, okay. Epic Fail!

The take from? Soigné is the care and elegance a person takes in wearing something. How does this “fit” as a take from? I am shamefully appalled sometimes at the prevalence in Second Life of what I call “customer no service” or more importantly “understanding the voice of your customer.” Sadly, like in real life, not all customers are created equally and they have different things they can bring to your business. If you want to spend your customer service on that avatar who is camped at the venue doing nothing but causing havoc, please, by all means, do so. If you want to give your customer service to the people who will work to get your name, and your product known, well, my bet is you will be one huge success as a designer. But don’t take my word for it, if you continue on this path, lets readdress the matter in a year or so and see where you stand. I hope you refreshingly prove me wrong. Just some high gravity on a low gravity Tuesday. Tomorrow, it’ll all be rainbows, pink sparkly glitter and sunshine, I sware. And if you see my friend Spirit, please tell her a little Cao is thinking about her.

Dura: Taxi:

26 thoughts on “soigné

  1. Great post!, I always thought people who camp there are just waiting for everything to rezz, or maybe waiting a bit more to perv others lol. For me its a form of a SL culture not to visit a busy shopping event in your full outfit, I mean we can take off half of scripts and make life easier for everyone at the event but I go to collab and see avi who come there with their dog 😀

    1. I don’t mean camping in the camping sense of things Tamara, I mean I have seen people who just log there and are there all day long. If you get back there, well there they are, still there. hehe as for the no blingy, I totally agree, after the last season’s story I either go old school in tattooed on pants and shirt with no AO or in full alpha. Dog? How about the ones who come with hoosband, kid and slave in tow. 😉

  2. awww, it was me you were worried about. Please don’t I will be fine hell I am mostly there as I type this. One thing I did not know about Collabor88 was that there were campers or bots or both. What I do know is that over the past several months if I can’t get in over the course of a few days, I just blow it off and forget about it. Then the new cycle comes out and like the current one I can’t get into so there is a good chance I will get distracted and well blow it off again. My point is this, if I do that how many others do as well. How many lost sales do you get and are you of the mondset thet you sell enough. No such animal in my book. I personally think someone shot themselves in the foot when they did not send my lil Cao what she asked for and was willing to pay for to boot. Just my quarters worth. On a personal sidenote…….Cao I am moving and as soon as skybox is done I want you to come chill on the deck with me. Love you cutie

    1. I do worry about you, all the time. You are at least, is not more, solitary than I am. I miss you and I’ve got my beach chair packed and ready to go. 🙂 I agree on the become dis-interested comment because I am too. Love you girlycue! xo

  3. Tbh I hadn’t realized people were camping out in collabor 88, I just that it was a popular busy place. Also Cao I’m not gonna lie I have noticed you being a bit frustrated in some posts. But I do understand how stress and worry can change your look on things some times. You are the person who inspired me to make a blog and write words on a website about things dealing with life and second life. Every time I blog I think about how you write and things you say.. you are an inspiration to so many of us and you are not the only one who is frustrated how things are ran in certain businesses and cliques people have created. Keep your head up!

    1. Not really “camping” just not buying anything and staying there for hours. hehe and thanks Ande, for the kind words AND the good cheer! I adore your work too and glad you do post, here FB, Google+ everywhere. It’s one of the places where I go to unwind. xox

  4. Little moo…
    I see your request as pure marketing gold…any designer worth a lick knows that even giving the items for free, to a top blogger, doesn’t guarantee that it shall be blogged. Yet this designer chooses to throw away not only an opportunity to have it blogged in a critically timely manner; to maximize sales…also the opportunity to establish a good relationship with said blogger for future collaboration. Oops, did I just use the word collaborate…hmmm perhaps someone needs to expand their view on the meaning of it; beyond the narrow context of participating in that venue. In the end, it truly is their loss…they must be really exceptional to overlook opportunities for additional sales, exposure and marketing. ❤ ❤

  5. I agree with Ande, not about the dark part, I have been away for just over a week, but you are an inspiration. I’m one of those bloggers that always blog an item when it’s old, as I never get into places like that. That reminds me, I better start blogging! Hugs Cao. Hope you feel better soon 🙂 ♥

    1. you better! I’ve missed you and hope you are OK and that it was the holiday variety away and not the sick kind. I hope your heat has gone down some and the summer is more enjoyable to you! If not send me some! Florida’s been a bit chilly lately! ❤ xo

      1. Yes I had family visiting from South Africa, so I decided to not spent time on SL. The summer is perfect, but I must admit, I’m starting to long for winter so I can be a RL hermit again! lol ♥

  6. Another great post Cao! As I was explaining to a friend last night and have said to a few friends I haven’t even tried to tp to Collabor88 yet. I don’t enjoy lag shopping or the “region is full” message. This goes for any major shopping event. I had no idea there were campers there which makes no sense at all to me. As for the designer who didn’t bother to reply and the response of their assistant, I would agree they missed an opportunity to have a major blogger like you give their item further exposure and increase sales. A severe misstep on their part. I have been appalled at how bad customer service can be in SL but to be fair there are certainly many designers that go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy and that mindset gets them a repeat customer more often than not. I love reading your thoughts Cao! ❤

    1. You are so very right Prisilla. Most designers are a dream, if they do not respond, their assistant does. It just makes sense, they take all that time to create an outfit, obviously they want to sell it, so do the leg work! This happened recently with a “famous” skin maker too. I was actually for the first time ever going to change skins (I’ve had the same since 2008) her assistant nor her could answer a simple question in a NC I sent. One question. So I said to heck with it. and again, they aren’t campers, thats a bad word. Let me change it to loiterers. 😉 Thank you Prisilla! <33

  7. Interesting post and very funny, someone definitely rattled your cage with this one! Maybe these campers/loiterers are from all the businesses and designers who aren’t at collabor88 ….. now that’s what I’d call a business strategy!

  8. I don’t know who did this to you, but it’s obvious the assistant didn’t know who you are. Refusing to sell an item to a nominee for “Best Blogger” at the Avi Awards is shooting themselves in the pixelated foot. I get frustrated when trying to get into this event and watching the map, seeing that the numbers (even when they are over capacity) never change. I watched for over two hours the second day, off and on, and the total stood at 42 for that length of time, even with the apparent capacity being 40. I did get in yesterday and with graphics turned down I was able to stand quietly out of the way and cam shop the entire event in less than 30 minutes, including rez time. I did my best to ignore the shoppers/non-shoppers, but yes, I did get a bit fussy with a group of four who stood directly in front of the Maitreya vendor and carried on a conversation in local the entire time I was there. Were they buying and talking at the same time? I haven’t a clue. But I do know they were preventing others from easily accessing the goodies – one of my shopping no-nos!

    I wish Collabor88 would follow the same brilliant plan that Hair Fair does – sending out demos in the group prior to the beginning of the event. It would also be nice if they sent out a HUD like The Arcade does that that has textures cached to speed up rez time. (I am guessing they don’t do this because I dropped out to make room for a blogging group, but they didn’t while I was a member). I have no doubt that half of the problem is people waiting for a demo to rez while standing into the highest lag sim of the day before buying. I realise they are unwilling to lose their place on the sim to take the demos home to try on, but this just adds to the wait time for others to get into the event. And that translates to lower sales for the designers.

    LOL this turned into a mini-rant of my own. Sorry, Cao…I’ll head back to my own blog now 😉

  9. I agree with you on the camping thing its not just the clogging up the sim, but the chat spam that bothers me I have to say I adore and love your styling here ❤

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