A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. ~ Anne Roiphe

GubbinsBra Top: Baiastice, Lena sheer . Panty: Baiastice, Lena silk (comes ruffled or not) **NEW** .

Short blog today since I will have another blog later. Baiastice has new mesh knickers. Somebody stop me now! Knickers!! Why it’s enough to get me amped up enough to go in for a little plastic surgery! Nope, no nipping and tucking, mostly just “plumping.” What can I say, if Barbie can make the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, there is hope for me yet! And from what I heard, she has the least plastic of anyone in the edition. Oh, no I did not just go there. Sorry, it’s called comedy.. But in reality, is Barbie on the cover a savvy marketing tool, or more likely a sly acknowledgement of SI’s sexism? Probably the latter. And though it is shockingly outrageous and most undoubtedly offensive to many, as an effective marketing tool? I believe they succeeded. Why? Because people are talking about it.

baiastice1Hair: D!va, Kalli2 . Headpiece: Glam Affair, Bohemian Romance . Ring: ^^Swallow^^: Arebesque .

Take from? At some point you have to wonder, exactly when is enough, enough? Do you want your daughters to grow up hating their bodies, changing them to meet some male-made fictional ideal? Or do you want them to grow up to emulate Malala Yousafzai (the girl who was shot by the Taliban because she insisted girls should be allowed education), Pearl Buck, Maya Angelou, or any other female role model who is beautiful for the way they think, not some physical ideal? Just something to think about, especially if you have girls tucked close. As for me, I think beauty emanates outward from the soul. Todays blog(s) are going to be gubbins, bit and pieces I have on hand to blog because from what I hear, The Couturier’s Dock event is starting again today and I am looking forward to exploring all the limited items they have on sale. Smile really big, the weekend is almost here!

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