You don’t have to carry a designer bag that costs more than a car to look cool. ~Kesha

ChiconomicsHair: Tableau Vivant, Petit **Gacha** . Hat: *Lode*, Cold Thrill . Eye Makeup: Zibska, Lune .

I get it, you want to be one of the cool kids. I mean, who would wake up and say, “I hope everyone picks on me today because I am lame?” I hope nobody wants that from life, it seems terribly defeating. There are things though, you can do for you, that will help you to be happy with yourself regardless of the thoughts of others. Among them, not taking yourself too seriously or internalyzing the critical comments of other’s, we should always remember, life is full of disappointments. Even the most successful people have to deal with disappointment, but they’ve learned how to use it to get to the next level of life. The trick is to process your feelings, then take some kind of action. When you have these disappointments remember, life isn’t “out to get you,” every single one of us gets squashed like a bug on occasion, the thing is, if you think long and hard about what has disappointed you, chances are you can live without it anyway.

ChiconomicsDress: Loovus Dzevavor, Pathfinder **The Couturier’s Dock** . Bag: Azoury, Delicious . Watch: GizzA, Asia watch .

Which leads me to another way we can stay happy in trying times. From the get go, don’t want too much. Desire can be a powerfully motivating tool, but wanting something too much can be very painful and very expensive, so don’t live beyond your means or covet the unattainable. Seek your desire, but keep your integrity. There is nothing wrong with striving for a lofty goal if you realize you may not make it, or perhaps when you obtain it you find it’s not what you want after all, so if you have kept your integrity in the seeking, you can walk away feeling good about yourself.

I know this has been a scattered blog to say the least, it’s a scattered sort of high gravity Monday for me. But rather than trash it and move on, I’m going to push it on up here. Take from? Chiconomics, like a recessionista, is a fashionable person or trendsetter who aims to weather the economic crisis without sacrificing their style. So rather than wishing for the entire change of wardrobe, they may choose to update the accessories to update their style. In other words, they don’t spend a lot of time wishing for things they can’t have, nor do they feel sorry for not having it. They change the game plan, up the ante, and create newness from what’s on hand. It’s this resourcefulness that makes them the unique, happy person they always tend to be. And from where I’m standing, that looks like a pretty cool place to be.

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