Throwing Snowballs

The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball. ~Doug Larson

Throwing SnowballsHair: D!va, Giz . Skin: Glam Affair: Aria **The Arcade gacha** .

Drat, I started the day out OK, even was halfway happy with it, but then I ran into my darling friend Rico Mar ( ) on Facebook. He showed us his winning picture for Champagne Sparkling Fashion circa November 2009. The thing is, Rico and Seddy are the only two people in Second Life who knew my first avatar (long ago deleted and before I became an accidental model). So it got me to thinking about virtual aging and I realized this month I have officially been in Second Life six years! 2008, the year I graduated from the University of Florida, Fidel Castro “retired” (do Communist Revolutionaries actually retire?), Kosovo told Serbia “um NO!”, the stock market hit the skids, Usain Bolt made a world record by flying the 100m dash, just to name a few. I reckon I’ve probably lost a lot of real world life by inhabiting a Second virtual one.

Throwing SnowballsHeadpiece/Dress: MumuHime, Rose Mistress **NEW** .

Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t regret it all that much. I experienced a lot of real life too, especially virtual real life. Heck, I am best friends with a dragon from the Netherlands, a Peep from down under, a Spirit from right about where I am, as well as so many other dear friends from all points of this vast world. Thats a pretty big feat for a lil cow who lives in a podunk drinking village with a fishing problem. Heck, I bet my reader’s know more about me and my relationships than my 3 states North sister can even fathom. You’ve seen me too scared to date, lose a date, try to love again, try to put on spanx, shiv with a spork, put the spork in the bottom of a drawer, lose a father, and a body part or too along the way. I pretty much grew up right before your eyes and I am forever grateful for the supportive, kind parents you have all been.

Take from? Yeah, I’ve grew up, some, I guess, since I had to. But, the thing is, in the same sentence Second Life, our world, has allowed me to be young again too. And thats what is important in life, throwing snowballs. I liken it to the saying “I will never be an old man. To me, old age is always 15 years older than I am.”[Francis Bacon]. Because this, this feeling, is what I bring from my second life into the sometimes drudgery filled moments of my first life. So when you are feeling bogged down, quit looking inward for a moment, look out, smile, and realize life is pretty good. Hey, it’s the eve before Friday, that should count as an almost weekend right? I hope yours is wonderful!

19 thoughts on “Throwing Snowballs

  1. Bleck! to brussell sprouts, super giant hugs and love to having met one of my favorites peeps ever in a virtual world and only a hop skip and a jump from me in the real one too. I don’t think the sprok is retired exactly and I saw snow back in 1995 before I moved to Florida. I actually don’t live as much real life as I should, part of the reason for wanting to move back to my home state. I will however always cherish those that have hearts as big as Texas. I have met, loved, and sometimes lost some great peeps in here. Some I miss every single day and some I have to fight myself from sending a lil note to, But I will always have a new found love of Cows especially the little Cao ones. IT IS MY FRIDAY ❤

  2. I’ve been on SL about 3years & already so much in it has change & I still haven’t done all the cool things yet. But I love the fact the RL friend that will last a lifetime can be made in SL. People all over the world can grow together that’s awesome to me. Happy so to be WEEKEND hehe. Thank you again for wearing my dress hehe

  3. OK, just for the sake of argument, isn’t friday eve Thursday night? So the eve of thursday night would have been last night? And Francis Bacon was absolutely correct….you will never be an old man. I, however, am getting dangerously close to that place. And SL allows me to ignore my age and masquerade as a model, photographer, blogger in the vicinity of 30 years old. And don’t worry, Cao, you are not missing anything if you are not in an SL relationship. They have always sucked, except for those few who do RL and SL together, I don’t know a lot of people truly happy with relationships in SL. Best to just be friends.

    You want to date my avatar? 🙂 ….can you pick me out?

  4. You wrote: But, the thing is, in the same sentence Second Life, our world, has allowed me to be young again too. And thats what is important in life, throwing snowballs.

    I love that comment. At it’s very best Second Life comes close to fulfilling
    the wish to have both wisdom and youth.

    1. hehe all last summer, well probably around May. I have a deep seeded “issue”, narcosis really, with people who chew with their mouths open. Not sure where it came from, probably I was just born that way. 😉

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