Hookin Up Later

I’m sick of following my dreams. I’m just going to ask them where they’re goin’, and hook up with them later. ~ Mitch Hedberg

Hookin up LaterHair: Boon, Dare83 . Hat: Miamai, Boreal Fascinator . Earring: [Modern Couture], Grenda .

People ask me at times how do I create a following for my blog. There are ways to get established, such as linking your social media platforms together. I do this, the pictures on my blog are housed on my flickr account, when I push “publish” it automatically posts my blog on my Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and AboutMe accounts. But that is just a short push if you don’t have peoples interest in the first place. A lot of blogger’s have their blogs on Feeds too, this may or may not work for you, I don’t have feeds, there are a few feeds who pick up my blog and post on their feed, but I’ve never applied to them for entrance. I suppose it’s some sort of webcrawler. I think catchy titles are a bit of a hook. I notice when I have a crafty one, I get more hits because people must wonder what the heck I am up to with a title like that. But once you have them here, if your page looks like a mess, a lot of viewers will just put you in the crosshairs and go on with their day. So it doesn’t really help your numbers to have a one day viewer.

Hookin Up LaterDress: SAS, Bubbles Champagne **Saviad** exclusive .

You can create a visually appealing page in several ways. Always avoid small fonts, lousy contrast, poor design and difficult to read colors. All maladies I have suffered from. Just remember, like in fashion, looks are important; first impressions last. Clear out the clutter. No amount of widgets or other “props” will keep a person interested in your blog. It may even distract them away from your writing or pictures. And definitely have some sort of introduction to what your blog is about near the top of your page. See mine? “The Lovely Girls Travels Through a Second Life.” This way people will know if your blog is relevant to what they’re interested in. An chailín álainn means “lovely girl” in gaelic and my blog is about life and travels in Second Life. But the thing is, that little blurb is your marketing approach and if you write it well enough, you may even convert people to your interests.

The take from? Well it’s about the title because in my experience this is where so many bloggers fail. The best way to create a following is to be a follower. I follow a lot of blogs and I religiously try to at least leave a “liked” stamp if I like a post. This lets people know I am supporting them and like their work. But you should know, when you leave a comment, you often will catch the interest of someone else who follows that blog and they will jump over to see what you are about and if you’ve created the sort of page that interests them, they are likely to follow you too. Sure, it’s time consuming, but you will be amazed how many interesting bloggers are out there. I even have non-SL related blogs I can’t live without and I also have non-SL followers. Why would I want that? Simple, if I finally do take the leap out of SL, I’ve already created a RL following of sorts and by doing the first step the transition should be just a little bit easier. Just something to think about on a high gravity Monday! Don’t forget! Saviad Spring Fashion Fair is March 15th and it’s going to be an amazing one! But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

Mannequin: {What Next}, Boho Chic mannequin
Lamp: W.Winx, Stirred Light
Clock: Lisp, Scarlett Clock
Shoos: Miamai, Natur’O New! @**SLINK West**
Letters: [con.], Block Letters

23 thoughts on “Hookin Up Later

  1. I love the quote. I love the look. And I’ve found that having a couple of references to my wifey gets me a lot of hits o.O

    I have to agree about the comments. I always try to reply to comments and leave comments on blog posts I enjoy. And I admit that there are a couple of blogs I stopped following when the writers continually didn’t reply to comments. I guess I kind of think that if they don’t show interest in other people’s interest, why should I be interested?

    erm…or sumthin like that 😉

    Anyway, I made a friend with a lil Cao because of blog comments so I’m going to say it’s the bestest thing evah! ❤

    1. I agree, I luuuuuuurve my Peep! and to be honest, thats what I was thinking about to, and partly WHY I blogged it. I am going to quit bothering reading the blogs of people who don’t give a rats arse to reciprocate, Oh unless their blog is just that amazing. 😉

      1. :* :* :*

        Maybe I’m being a bit snobbish for thinking that way. A blog is meant to be personal, but my feeling is that if you put it out there, engage! It does show interest in what you are doing. I especially got it up the nose with one blogger who quite often complained that she didn’t think anyone actually read her blog – just looked at the pictures. Yet, whenever she chose to publish comments (which I did frequently), she didn’t bother to reply. Since she approved all comments, she obviously read them – just didn’t take the moment to say thank you, at least. Or “Stop stalking me, ya duck!” 😉

      2. exactly, its like you are lucky to get the chance to read the blog. Huh? She’s lucky you thought enough to SAY something. and the strange thing is, this blog post today? I had just as many RL bloggers like as SL bloggers so at least they GET it. And i’ve had no new likes from the people I posted the blog specifically too. 😉 *humpf*

  2. Great advice as always Cao! I have tinkered with my blog a bit over time and honestly for me it really isn’t about the numbers, tho they are nice of course. I enjoy having a few people stop in and read…friends or strangers. I watch the lil bar graph at the top of my WP blog that only I can see and smile knowing it isn’t a flat line. Flat lines are bad right?? Seriously tho, knowing someone out there is reading my words and may “like” it or comment on it really makes me smile.

    1. You are one of the blogs I inhabit, you do good work. 😀 but to me, i take my numbers seriously because i am an intensely quiet and serious person, its my nature. If i didn’t have views i would feel like i am letting the designer down, even if i paid for the item (which I mostly do). I guess its because i want to believe i am good in marketing bc i have a passion for it. Thanks Prisilla! Xox

      1. I am so happy you read and “like” my blog, that means a great deal to me! 😀 I see your point for sure about numbers. I don’t ignore mine completely, and I am happy to see them grow bit by bit. I know how I am however and if I fixated on them it would stifle me. I want to do a good job for those designers who have placed their faith in me. I believe in each of them or else I wouldn’t have applied to be a blogger for them. I do my very best to get my blog out there, to get them a bit of the exposure they need, but in the end I can only do so much. So long as I am doing my best I hope they are happy. As for you Cao, I am sure your numbers are great. You do a fabulous job on your blog, there is clearly a large following here and for good reason!

  3. I follow, comment, giggle a little, cry a little and sometimes just think a little and Like Peep I have my Cao which started through your blog. And hell you are just the cutifulest thing ever and that helps. Love the stylings too mauhs!!!!!

  4. You’re so right Cao. I follow about over 150 blogs, and read as many as I can. I’m fortunate in that I like most of what I read – but even then I’ve noticed myself moving on and not pressing the “like” button! It’s such a little thing, almost like a virtual smile. It costs nothing to give someone a boost, so I try to remember to hit that little button when I actually read and like something. And, like now, I comment when I have something to add.

    And about replying to comments, agree 100%. I too have noticed myself reading a comment, appreciating the gesture, and then moving on without replying – and it’s not intentional…but…. You’re absolutely right, that is the blogger’s equivalent of ignoring someone on the street that has just said hello to you. It’s rude. Thanks for the reminder.


    1. thats like me Becky. I am probably around 150 too. I have some I just “catch up” with on Friday and others I want the instant gratification of it arriving in my inbox the second it’s posted. and perfect term, it’s like leaving a little virtual smile. 🙂

  5. Great advice. 😀 I’m so bad about catching up with blogs. I binge-catchup due to time constraint. Most times after I hit publish, I have to fight the urge to fall asleep on the laptop. XD I wish there were more hours in life and SLife! Also, that is why I bulk like your posts and Flickr photos once every week when I sit down properly to read blogs…making me feel like a creepy stalker. ;_;

    I may or may not stalk you. *cough*

    1. You creepy stalkerish person! 😉 Naw, some blogs I binge read on Fridays as well. Fridays are my blog days for the blogs that I don’t receive instant notices on. I wake up to about 75 little messages in my inbox. lol

  6. I enjoyed reading the comments as well as the blog post… and something to think about. I’m not about the numbers myself, though I am appreciative of those who read or just view my pictures, and who leave comments.

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