boogity boogity

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. ~Oscar de la Renta

ad ecateDivinely Steampunk outfit: AD Creations, Ecate **Saviad** . Hair: Tram, A817 .

I used to say that Aliza Karu of Angels & Demons Creations Dollhouse skeers the crap out of me. In fact, I even blogged with that as the title once. I mean, don’t get me wrong, as a person she’s da bomb! She is part of my unruly, large, and loud Italian family and I just love them all. What amazes me is her intelligence combined with her creativity. I use to think being in her head would be a skeery place that incites nightmares. Luckily for little Cao’s, she has now added couture to her portfolio because the goth left me more than a little haunted with nightmares. (think skeletons) brrrrrr

boogity boogityBlack & White ala Balmain style outfit: AD Creations, Bold Lines .

Aliza is one of the three anchor designers of Saviad, Mila Tatham (*SoliDea FoliEs*) and Soraya Vaher (Violator) are the other two. So as an owner/sponsor her store is one of the anchor stores in the upcoming Saviad Spring Fashion Fair beginning March 15th 2014 and it promises to be one of the biggests hits this year. From experience I can say I have loved every design from every designer so far. But seriously don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself.

Lots of information can be found right here:

9 thoughts on “boogity boogity

  1. Little moo…you rock that dress and the outfit! I adore Aliza’s creations…agree that she has insane imagination and the talent to back it up. That dress is a work of art. ❤ ❤

    1. I am amazed Lola, I have yet to find a single item I don’t absolutely love and that’s saying a lot because you’ve seen me, I am a picky little snot when it comes to what I choose to wear. ❤

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