Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

What else does anxiety about the future bring you but sorrow upon sorrow? ~Thomas a Kempis

Waiting for the Shoo to DropShirt: Cashmere Keene, Dixon Jacket **The Mens Dept** . Hair: Vanity Hair, Spooky **NEW** . Shoos: Miamai, Natur’O Prestige **NEW** . Dresser: Leezu!, Sophia **Gacha** . Letters: [con.], Block Letters **NEW** . Statue: [Common], Award Statuette **Gacha** .

I’m a little anxious today and I don’t even know why. Perhaps the anticipation that Spring is near, it is unusually frigid today whilst yesterday was rather pleasant. It’s enough to make the most stalwart weatherist a tad confused. Do I wear a coat today or do I leave it home long forgotten? Or perhaps I am sitting here waiting for blindness and madness to fill my soul. I am losing my sight so quickly now. My grandmother was blind at a fairly early age, my parents though were/are not. I suppose in youth I felt nothing untoward could ever happen to me, we are invincible with youth, no? Yet, here I sit, looking as the monitor grows fuzzier edges with the added years, wondering what I will do when I can no longer share with you and learn from you? Life is odd. I’ve so much still to learn from you. So much left to read.

This isn’t really a blog post, just a half cocked concoction of wandering brainwaves high on caffeine, I reckon. These days I find my motivation lacking and realize at quiet moments I could just drop this all, give up, and walk away. I could, truly I could. No, really I can’t, there is some sort of brain muscle memory that pulls me back in. I’ve not met you all yet. Life is good, I just know it is. I’ll be back later with a real blog. I just need to meditate a little longer. I hope your day has been kind to you.

8 thoughts on “Waiting for the Shoe to Drop

  1. We are having gorgeous weather in London and its freaking me out a bit we don’t have good weather in March it doesn’t happen but its amazing how the sunny weather improves my mood. I wish an early spring for everyone 🙂

  2. this explains my day to the ‘t’ lol. It must be the sunshine around here at least because most of the customers i had today were at odds with the universe it seems. Sending you much love and aloha!

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