Model at Rest

Model at Rest

Afternoon off. I am exhausted. Oh and the Gators just might be in some sort of basketball game today. See you tomorrow! Oh wait! We won! *Happy Dance* ❤

Model at Rest

Hat: Zibska, Anthea **SAVIAD**
Hair: Boon: KBO906
Stole: ZIBSKA, Huld ❤ **SAVIAD**
Dress: .::LD::., Reignbeaux, Sorbet **SAVIAD** Blac ❤
Necklace: [Natzuka], Latex Rare **SAVIAD** Gacha!
Ring: [Natzuka], Spring Ring **SAVIAD** Gacha!

Did you know if you copy the address below, maps.secondlife… and paste it into your above address bar and hit enter, it will bring up a map and if you hit the “visit this location” it will send you a LM if you are inworld? Well shazaam! Just thought I’d pass that on, tho I’m sure everyone knows that 😉

Greenhouse Garden Sim:

White Garden Sim:

Obscure Garden Sim

I'm done inconveniencing electrons, any thoughts? Come on, you know you have 'em, post them up here.

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