Fashion Geek

The secret of fashion is to surprise and never to disappoint. ~ Edward George Bulwer-Lytton

Fashion Geek

I love this time of year in Florida, the weather turns fine mixed with scattered rain here and there. Just enough rain to turn nature into an abundance of green and floral. Fashion-wise, my mind begins to wander to the hotter days when shorts and bathing suits will be fashionable again. With the exception of South Beach, I don’t believe Florida is on any particular fashion icon list, our most famous contribution probably the “jort.” ( ) And, yeah, that’s in gest too, we didn’t really invent those, but to understand the joke you probably have to be an Alumni of the University of Georgia. But I digress, in fashion, this is the period of time where, like the chameleon we begin to shed our layers, exposing limbs that have long missed sunlight.

Fashion Geek

Sundresses are to Spring what sequined gowns are to gala’s. Whether you choose stripes or floral’s they are bound to be in chic style this year. In fact, when picking a print, pick one that is loud, lush, or just plain in your face because Spring is the time where the colors often mimic the resplendence of the world outdoors of us. Though my sundress isn’t in any way colorful, it does play on my love of stripes, because in fashion, if you feel good about what you have on the confidence plays over into your personality. Besides it brings me to the second thing I’ve noticed about the Spring 2014 fashion scene, coordinating pieces are all the rage. Besides creating the chic, pulled together look, they’re extremely versatile, too. I could have just as easily worn this vest with shorts and a classic tee, or any other matching tops and bottoms, giving the wardrobe more functionality and depth. The key is to play with those layers, be crazy, put floral patterns with stripes, or solids. Invoke mood from color choices and never be afraid to explore the details that make your style uniquely your own. This is a more casual look, but a dressier handbag and well chosen bracelets could easily take me from a day shopping to a typical evening date.

The take from? Sure! There aren’t too many things in life I am a geek about. For most things I am a sideline watcher but there is one thing I know, if you take a little time to pull an outfit together, people respond more positively to you because they see you care about yourself. Sure, there are times when you will just throw whatever on, but when you do, try to add a key focal “something” whether it’s jewelry, a bag, or scarf (or flower hat), because it shows you aren’t casual when it comes to yourself and in life, being confident is half of what gets us through a good day. Well, that’s my take on it anyway. I usually feel pretty good when I look good. Don’t you?

Poses: .Slouch, Exclusive for **SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair**
Hat: *Lode*, Orchkakis . **L’Accessories**
Hair: Dura, Boy44
Necklace: 22769, Nuit . **L’Accessoires**
Vest: Ison, Bomber Vest
Dress: Emery, Striped Dress Dorrit . **Collabor88**
Shoos: Celoe, Fox Ankle Boots . **Collabor88**
Bag: Ison, Scout Boho Bag
Glasses: (Yummy), Quinn Frames . **Collabor88**

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