Barely Contained

I love fashion; I adore it. I love the madness of it. ~ Keeley Hawes


I am barely containing myself, *bites lip* March Madness has started ( ) “SQUEAAAAAAAAA!!” The point being, I don’t have time to blog today! I filled out my brackets this morning, played over the phone “IT Specialist” with my mum when she couldn’t get her printer to work. After telling her to try a couple of different things, i.e. turn the computer off and back on, I decided she needed to uninstall the software and re-install it because obviously my “three states away” sister, aka the rocket scientist, must have fecked it up. She’s a professor, so you know like most liberal art creatures Apple is her world and this is $%^#%$$%# the penultimate “user friendly” Windows 8, but honestly I think this sister’s Apple skills are probably suspect as well. But I digress, my mum is as scattered as my sister so asking her to find the software CD probably wasn’t going to happen, filed in the trash under don’t give a crap. she probably thought I won’t be needing this thingy again. So ever the snarky impatient lovingly doting daughter, I emailed a link where she could re-download and re-run the software. After I sent it off to her, I told her over the phone to “look in her inbox, follow the link, push the download button and follow the instructions.” There was a brief moment of silence and then she said, “I have no clue what you just said.” *cough* Hold on one second mom, let me get customer service in India on the line.


The take from? My hat’s off to those legendary heroes who work customer service, you must have the patience of a saint! As for me, morning done, having wiled away the companies time on personal “projects” and family “issues,” I think I might just have to go grab some lunch. Hmmm I wonder if I can bill it to an expense account? I’m kidding, seriously! I am. There was that one minute around 10AM or so where I actually did do something productive. Oh wait, never mind, they probably don’t think going to the supply closet for a new pencil is exactly productive. I hope your day is going better than mine at least. oh.. and Go Gators!

Barely Contained

Skin: Orage Creations, Akaya, **2014 Skin Fair** ❤
Hair: Barbe, Zibska ❤
Dress: Violator, Moonlight **SAVIAD Fiera Spring Fashion Fair ** ❤

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